Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
History of power
Quantity of provincial civil servants during first half of the 19th century (documents of Vologda province) Olesya Plekh Pages 3-25
The local administration and the «highest travels» of the 1830–1850s in Smolensk province Natalia Gorskaya Pages 26-36
P.D. Akhlestyshev’s «Case» and the Battle at the Top of Government at the Beginning of the Reign of Nicholas II Dmitriy Andreev Pages 37-50
F.V. Dubasov and the suppression of the December uprising in Moscow Mikhail Almazov Pages 51-74
«Cabinet» of Prince N.D. Golitsyn and the search for a political course in the winter of 1916–1917 Fyodor Gayda Pages 75-90
Informal political institutions in post-reform Russia
E.V. Bogdanovich: public figure of the post-reform period Mikhail Druzin Pages 91-101
Count M.T. Loris-Melikov and the salon of Bogdanovich Andrey Mamonov Pages 101-107
«Unreliable friend»: A.S. Suvorin and the Bogdanovich salon at the end of the 19th centur Aleksandr Kotov Pages 107-114
Institutes and communities
On the history of formation of the scientific Botanical school of the Moscow University (1804–1863) Kirill Golikov Pages 115-131
Stalin prizes of the architect Ivan Zholtovsky (1940–1953) Olga Shurygina Pages 132-142
Professionalization of Soviet sports in the of the Cold War (1946–1959) Aleksandr Kupriianov Pages 143-159
Russian abroad
The work of the Committee on ensuring education of the Russian students in the Czechoslovak Republic in 1920s Zoya Bocharova / Darya Korneeva Pages 160-169
The Russian disabled war expatriates union in Czechoslovak Republic in the 1920s Alexandra Mikulenok Pages 170-179
Professional community
About a possibility of existence an early medieval basilica on the ancient settlement of Chufut-Calais: historiographic aspect Elena Aibabina / Dmitriy Lomakin Pages 180-191
Russian Statehood: Territory and Power in the 17th Century: Modern Historiographic and Source Studies Elena Kolesnikova / Galina Talina Pages 192-200
Rec. ad op.: A.V. Belyakov. Uraz-Muhammed Ibn Ondan i Isinei Karamyshev syn Musaitov. Opyt sovmestnoy biografii. Almaty, 2019 Denis Maslyuzhenko Pages 201-206
Reс. ad op.: D.D. Grimm. Vospominaniya. Iz zhizni Gosudarstvennogo soveta 1907–1917 gg. Saint Petersburg, 2017 Evgenii Rostovtsev Pages 207-211
Rec. ad op.: «Po obstoyatel’stvam voyennogo vremeni…» (Nizhegorodskaya guberniya v 1914 – nachale 1918 g.): sbornik dokumentov. Part 1–2. Nizhny Novgorod, 2018 Dmitry Nikolaev Pages 211-214
«Russia whirling» by War and Revolution Yaroslav Leontev Pages 215-220
Rec. ad op.: Grazhdanskaya voyna v Rossii v fotografiyakh i kinokhronike. 1917–1922: al’bom. Moscow, 2018 Aleksandr Repnikov Pages 221-224
«You are a rare adornment of the world of academicians» Mikhail Kovalev / Vitaliy Tikhonov Pages 225-229
Pro memoria
S.V. Tiutiukin (1935–2019) Pages 230-234

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