Issue 2

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
“I don’t believe all this could go bad, it would be too unfair…”: To the biography of the arhaeologist G.I. Borovka (based on ivestigation file materials) E. G. Pankratova Pages 154-166
History of Science
The route and chronology of works of the Second Russian Turkestan Expedition under Academician S.F. Oldenburg (1914–1915) Mikhail Bukharin Pages 145-153
Dendrochronological dating of archaeological objects of Tara areal in the Irtysh region (Omsk region) Maya O. Sidorova / Zakhar Yu. Zharnikov / Sergey F. Tataurov / Larisa V. Tataurova / Vladimir S. Myglan Pages 134-144
Moscow Branch of the Institute for the History of Material Culture, summer of 1941 – winter of 1941/42 Sergey Karpyuk Pages 167-177
Burials with woundings traces (Perm Cis-Urals in the Migration Period) Natalya G. Bryukhova / Dmitry V. Shmuratko Pages 178-182
Rurikovo Gorodishche in the context of new research. Nosov E.N., Plokhov A.V., Khvoshchinskaya N.V. Rurikovo Gorodishche. New stages of research. Saint-Petersburg: DMITRIY BULANIN, 2017 N. I. Platonova Pages 188-195
Review of Books
S.A. Zhebelev. Russian Archaeological Society during the third quarter of a century of its existence. 1897–1921: Historical essay. Moscow: Indrik, 2017 S. P. Shchavelev Pages 183-188
White stone sarcophagi and tombstones of the Chudov Monastery necropolis from excavations in the Moscow Kremlin in 2015–2017 Nikolay A. Makarov / Leonid A. Belyaev / Vladimir S. Kurmanovsky Pages 117-133
Radiocarbon chronology of the Fatyanovo culture Nikolay A. Krenke Pages 110-116
New pottery tradition of the Yankovskaya culture sites of the Paleometal Age in Primorye Irina S. Zhushchikhovskaya / Evgeny Yu. Nikitin Pages 35-49
Archaeological research of the settlement of Nakhchivan Tepe Veli B. Bakhshaliyev Pages 96-109
New data on the Paleolithic of Elbrus Region Lyubov V. Golovanova / Vladimir B. Doronichev / Ekaterina V. Doronicheva Pages 7-18
The economic pattern of the settlement Rykan-3 (The Middle Don Catacomb culture) Evgeny I. Gak / Ekaterina E. Antipina / Elena Lebedeva / Elke Kaiser Pages 19-34
The fortified settlement of Melkoye Ozero (the 8th century BC – the 6th century AD) in the mountain-forest Trans-Urals Viktor А. Borzunov Pages 50-62
On the correlation between the datings of the “Repyakhovataya Mogila” and “Chervona Mogila” barrows and the Kelermes cemetery Tatyana M. Kuznetsova Pages 63-79
Residents of ancient Phanagoria: Reconstruction of diet based on isotope analysis Nataliya G. Svirkina Pages 80-95

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