Moderate Islam In France As A Perspective For Overcoming Identity Crisis

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Journal nameNovaia i noveishaia istoriia
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In modern France, we can see two conflicting trends. On the one hand, the development of the crisis of religious and national identity, the growth of religious radicalism, especially among young people. On the other hand, recently in the public discourse of the Fifth Republic, are becoming more noticeable the representatives of moderate French Islam, who have no problems with integration into French society and are ready to withstand radical religious movements. We have reason to talk about no Islam in France but French Islam. At the same time the forms of real Muslims’ representation are developed poorly in France; the Muslim cult in France depends heavily on the foreign financing (from Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia). The article analyzes the position of famous laic representatives of moderate Islam in France (Hakim El Karoui, Lydia Guirous et al.). The emphasis is on exposing certain myths demonizing French Islam (for example, an overstatement of the number of Muslims in France or the number of radical French Muslims, the birth rate in Muslim families, the number of mixed marriages). A program of action is also presented, which, according to the leaders of French moderate Islam, could smooth out the contradiction between the tendency to spread Islam in France and the need to preserve the laic nature of the state, finally proving that Islam is compatible with republican laws and values. The influence of moderate Islam in France is growing slowly but steadily.

KeywordsFrance, Islam, identity, integration, Hakim El Karoui, Lydia Guirous
Publication date12.09.2019
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