Issue 1

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  • Volume: 65
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Globalization and Nation-State: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Victor Kuvaldin Pages 5-13
Economy, Economic Theory
Global Value Chains (GVCS) and COVID‑19 Pandemic Vladimir Varnavskii Pages 14-23
Overcoming COVID‑19 Impact in the EU: Supranational Financial Aspect Elena Sidorova Pages 24-32
Economic Policy of Japan in the Time of Pandemic Andrey V. Belov Pages 33-41
Spanish Economy under COVID‑19: Anamnesis and Prospects for Recovery Kirill Nikulin Pages 42-49
Greater Middle East
Middle East Conflicts Today: Between Religion and Geopolitics Alexander I. Shumilin Pages 50-60
Saudi Arabia and Israel: the Palestinian Context Grigorii G. Kosach Pages 61-69
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
Beijing’s Pain Points – 2 (Glance from mid‑2020) Vasily V. Mikheev / Sergei A. Lukonin Pages 70-81
Europe: New Realities
Security Modus Operandi of the Northern Europe Konstantin V. Voronov Pages 82-89
Russia: Economics, Politics
Russian Policy in the Balkans: Current Situation and Perspectives Konstantin Khudoley / Evgenii Koloskov Pages 90-99
Contemporary Problems of Development
Social Sciences and Global Turbulence: Rebooting the Mainstream Victor Mart'yanov / Leonid G. Fishman Pages 100-113
Back to published
Institutions of Culture in Contemporary Social and Cultural Dynamics Kseniya Rashkovskaya / Evgenii B. Rashkovskii Pages 114-122
Around Books
Arctic Loser: To Be or not To Be? Ekaterina Labetskaya Pages 123-127
Personality and Society in the Post-Modern Age (Basing on A. Inkeles’s Research) Maiya Yadova Pages 128-131
Modernity of History: Origins of India’s Foreign Policy Andrei G. Volodin Pages 132-138

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