Issue 11

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 11

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Comparative Analyses of Terrorist Threats under Conditions of COVID-19 Georgy G. Machitidze Pages 5-12
Liberalism against Etatism (on the Path towards Liberalism of the 21st Century) Viktor Sheynis Pages 13-22
Competitive Education in the Third Millenium: Quo Vadis? Nadezhda M. Rozanova Pages 23-30
Economy, Economic Theory
Role of Stock Markets in Stimulating Innovation Processes Zaur Mamedyarov Pages 31-41
Russia: Economics, Politics
Russia: “Late-Take off Society” in the Whirlwind of World Politics Andrei G. Volodin Pages 42-52
Greater Middle East
Resolution of the Syrian Conflict is an Important Step on the Way to Regional Stability Stanislav M. Ivanov Pages 53-61
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Space Dimension of the Innovation-Technological Breakthrough Lyudmila V. Pankova / Olga V. Gusarova Pages 62-73
Theory of Politics
Reflections on the Great Transformation in Turbulence Kamaludin S. Gadzhiev Pages 74-83
Non-Western Political Theories
Development of a National School of Political Science in China Shuhua Zhang / Jing Guo / Qiuyu Gaoyan Pages 84-95
Politics and Society
The Green Discourse as a Type of New Left Populism Andrei L. Bardin / Maxim Sigachev Pages 96-105
“Soft Power” and “Cultural Capital” of Nations: the Case of Film Industry Georgii D. Paksyutov Pages 106-113
Countries and Regions
Models of Regional Leadership in Eurasia: to the New Research Agenda Irina Busygina / Ivan S. Grigoriev / Anna A. Dekalchuk / Yury A. Kabanov / Svetlana Krivokhizh / Helena Soboleva Pages 114-123
Network Texture of World Politics: Transregionalism of BRICS Denis Kuznetsov Pages 124-131
At Post-Soviet Space
Transit Potentials of Russia and Kazakhstan Yegor V. Pak Pages 132-138

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