Issue 8

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  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Impact of Missile Defense Systems on Strategic Stability and Prospects for Nuclear Disarmament Vladimir Z. Dvorkin Pages 5-12
Economy, Economic Theory
Stumbling Stones in The Way of WTO Reformation Vladimir P. Obolenskiy Pages 13-20
Evolution of a Firm in a Digital Economy Nadezhda M. Rozanova Pages 21-28
Russian Economic Prospects with Low Inflation Mikhail V. Ershov Pages 29-38
European Strategic Approaches to Heating Decarbonisation Andrei V. Zimakov Pages 39-46
Prospects of Trans-Caspian Gas Pieline Denis M. Chumakov Pages 47-54
“The Common Space”
The Concept of “Global Commons” as a Factor of Global Instability Oleg N. Barabanov / Elena A. Maslova Pages 55-63
Ecological Modernization in an Age of Globalization: the Role of Environmental NGOs Elena I. Burkova Pages 64-71
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
The “Community of a Shared Future for Humankind” Concept in China’s Foreign Policy Strategy Alexandr V. Semenov / Anatoly Tsvyk Pages 72-81
Europe: New Realities
French Defense Policy under President Emmanuel Macron: Major Trends Aleksei Yu. Chikhachev Pages 82-90
Politics and Society
Misperception of Social Realities: Political Implications Nina V. Goffe / Galina Monusova Pages 91-101
On Fragmentation of World Order in the Era of Globalization Kamaludin S. Gadzhiev Pages 102-112
Around Books
New Trends Shaping Global Economic Space under the Forth Industrial Revolution Elena B. Lenchuk Pages 113-117
Russian School of World Reproduction Process Studies Alexander V. Danil’tsev Pages 118-121
New Challenges for Berlin-XXI: Adapting to Changing Conditions Fedor A. Basov Pages 122-128

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