Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Special Theme of the Issue: Practices of Buddhist Pilgrimage in Russia (guest editors E.-B.M. Guchinova and Ts.A. Darieva)
Exploring Contemporary Pilgrimage among the MongolianSpeaking Peoples of Russia Tsypylma Darieva / Elza-Bair Guchinova Pages 5-12
Moscow as a Buddhist Paradise: A Buryat Delegation at the Coronation of Nicholas II Nikolay Tsyrempilov Pages 13-31
With a Red Brush and Yellow Tie: On Specificities of the Kalmyk Pilgrimage Elza-Bair Guchinova Pages 32-46
Traditional and New Places of Religious Pilgrimage in Buryatia Marina Sodnompilova / Darima Amogolonova Pages 47-60
Both Field and Pilgrimage... (an Interview) Natalia L. Zhukovskaya / Elza-Bair Guchinova / Tsypylma Darieva Pages 61-71
From Where is Russian Ethnology and Where is it Going? A Personal View in Global Perspective Valery Tishkov / Olga Artemova / David Anderson / Dmitry Arzyutov / Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer / Andrei Golovnev / Vasily Filippov / Peter Schweitzer Pages 72-137
Research Articles
Deconstructing Constructivism in Order to Understand Russia Xavier Le Torrivellec Pages 138-152
The Transformation of the Hospitality Etiquette of the Kazakhs Gulzhan A. Meirmanova / Dosymbek Khatran / Gulim A. Kabdoldina Pages 153-167
The Orthodox Mission in Vyatka in the 18th Century: On the Role of the State and Clergy in the Process of Dissemination of the Christian Faith in the Region Maksim Orlov Pages 168-182
Review of Evrei [Jews], edited by T.G. Emelyanenko and E.E. Nosenko-Shtein Alexander Novik Pages 183-187
Review of Two Lenins: A Brief Anthropology of Time, by N. Ssorin-Chaikov Sergey S. Alymov Pages 188-191

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