Izvestiia Rossiiskoi akademii nauk. Seriia literatury i iazyka

ISSN: 2413-7715

Website:  https://oifn.jes.su

Chief Editor: Polonskij Vadim Vladimirovich

Address: Leninskij Ave., 32a, 117993 Moscow, Russia

Tel.: 8 (495) 952-44-90, 8 (499) 943-24-78

E-mail: info@izv-oifn.ru


The Journal Impact Factor: 0,344 РИНЦ


 The Journal «Izvestiia Rossiiskoi akademii nauk. Seriia literatury i iazyka» (The news of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Literature and language) one of the oldest journals was founded in 1852. The journal publishes articles on the problems of linguistics, the history of Russian and foreign literature, the theory of literature, folklore, as well as art history.

The Editorial Committee: N.N. Kazanskij (Academician of the RAS), A.B. Kudelin (Academician of the RAS), A.M. Moldovan  (Academician of the RAS), V.A. Plungyan (Academician of the RAS), S.M. Tolstaya (Academician of the RAS), V.E. Bagno (Corresponding Member, RAS), V.A. Vinogradov Corresponding Member, RAS), Yu.L. Vorotnikov (Corresponding Member, RAS), A.V. Dybo (Corresponding Member, RAS), T.M. Nikolaeva Corresponding Member, RAS),  A.I. Zherebin (Doctor of Sciences (Philology)), T.G. Ivanova (Doctor of Sciences (Philology)), M.M. Koreneva (Doctor of Sciences (Philology)), L.P. Krysin (Doctor of Sciences (Philology)deputy editor), E.V. Haltrin-Halturina (Doctor of Sciences (Philology)), Henrik Baran (USA), Marchello Gardzaniti (Italy), Aleksandr Stroev (France), Gerd Hentshel' (Germany), Chzhen Tiu (China), S.I. Gindin (Candidate of Philological Sciences, A.M. Gurevich (Candidate of Philological Sciences, V.L. Korovin (Candidate of Philological Sciences, science editor), A.Ch. Piperski (executive secretary).

Managing Editor: O.I. Lukashenko


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