Issue 6

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  • Volume: 79
  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On Metrics of the “Lamentations of Northern Russia” Svetlana Tolstaya Pages 5-19
Native Speaker’s Creativity and Word Play Boris Yu. Norman Pages 20-32
On the Dictionary “Occasional Verbs of the Russian Language” Igor Ulukhanov Pages 33-41
“Judge By” in the Context of Modalation and Prospositionalization: on Indices of Transposition Viktor V. Shigurov Pages 42-55
Contrary to the “Mythical Independence of Philology from Philosophy”: on the History of the Formation of Aleksey F. Losev’s Methodology Elena Takho-Godi Pages 56-63
Aleksey F. Losev. Twenty-Five Years of Work in the Field of Classical Philology (1915–1940) Elena Takho-Godi Pages 64-72
Justification of the Fragmentation: Lev Shestov’s “All Things are Possible (The Apotheosis of Groundlessness)” (1905) Natalia Smirnova Pages 73-82
Publications about N.V. Gogol in Russian scientific periodicals 2010–2014: review of the main topics and issues Oxana Gavrilchenko Pages 83-104
From the History of Philology
On the Epigraph to Lev Shcherba’s Article “On the Threefold Aspect of the Language Phenomena and on Experimentation in Linguistics” (Marking the 90th Anniversary of the Article’s Publication in the “Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR”) Mikhail Yu. Fedosyuk Pages 105-109
M.P. A Russian Theme in European Literature: Collected Articles and Materials. St. Petersburg, Nestor–Istoria Publ., 2019 528 p. Ksenia R. Andreychuk Pages 110-114

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