Issue 4

  • 970 rub.
  • Volume: 81
  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Derzhavin and the Return of the Victorious Tsar Joachim Klein Pages 5-20
“Chevalier’s Epee”, “Victor” and “Actor”: Unity and Continuity of the Three Plays by M. E. Levberg Veronika Zuseva-Ozkan Pages 21-32
“...To a Gray Proletarian Monastery Under the Ringing of RAPP’s Bells ...ˮ: Poet Vladimir Lugovskoy: from “Fellow Travelersˮ to RAPP-Member Ruslan E. Klementyev Pages 33-42
Ivan Bunin’s Early Prose: Source Studies, Textology, Attribution, Dating Sergey Morozov Pages 43-51
On the Strophic Preferences of G. R. Derzhavin (Based on the Material of his Lifetime Collected Works) Ekaterina Pasternak Pages 52-59
The Irish Saga: Limits of the “Genre” (a Formal Approach) Tatyana A. Mikhailova Pages 60-69
Folklore and Reproach: The Experience of Sentiment Analysis Based on Constructions Roman Shmurak Pages 70-80
Language Game with a Case Ending -ов or How Padonki Were Replaced by Kittens Ekaterina R. Dobrushina / Ekaterina O. Borzenko Pages 81-88
It’s Difficult to Get Closure: On the Polysemy of the Words ZAKRYVAT’, ZAKRYVAT’SA, ZAKRYTIE and Its Presentation in the Active Dictionary of Russian Language Anna V. Ptentsova Pages 89-95
A Few Notes on the Participial Passive in Tundra Nenets Ivan A. Stenin Pages 96-108
Buras, M. M. Linguists Who Came in from the Cold. Moscow, AST Publishing House: Editorial of Elena Shubina, 2022. 410 p., ill. (Series The Great Sixties) [in Russ.] Ekaterina Rakhilina Pages 109-114
Estate Real – Estate Literary: Vectors Of Creative Transformation. Ex. ed. Olga A. Bogdanovа. Moscow, IWL RAS Publ., 2021. 384 p. (Series “Russian Еstate in a Global Context.” Iss. No. 6) [in Russ.] Polina A. Borisova Pages 115-118

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