Issue 2

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  • Volume: 80
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
At the Origins of the Literary Portrait: Physiognomy in the Context of Modern Humanities Alfonso Paolella Pages 5-17
On the Goals and Prospects of the Project «Integrated Automated Database “United Digital Archive of F. M. Dostoevsky”» Кonstantin Barsht Pages 18-29
Mikhail Muravyev, Catherine II and Friedrich II: On the Status of the Russian Language Alexander D. Ivinskij Pages 30-37
V. Ya. Bryusov’s Plan for publishing A. S. Pushkin’s Complete Works Svetlana A. Kazakova Pages 38-46
Motives of N.M. Karamzin’s Prose in A. A. Dyakov’s Novella “From the Notes of a Social-Democrat” Anton S. Efimov Pages 47-52
Information Support of Scientific and Methodological Guidance of Scientific Research in the Field of Linguistics in the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Antopolskii Pages 53-63
A New Discursive Revolution? (Towards Comprehending Two Typological Characteristics of Internet Communication) Vadim V. Dementyev Pages 64-80
Who is Whose Namesake and Contemporary? (Interaction of Grammar and Pragmatics) Olga P. Ermakova Pages 81-86
Teatral’nyj Proezd or Proezd Teatra? (Concorded and Unconcorded Attributes in Russian Street Names) Mikhail Yu. Fedosyuk / Irina I. Baklanova Pages 87-97
The Contributors Index to the 3rd edition of “The Russian Language” Encyclopedia (Moscow, 2020) Serguey A. Krylov Pages 98-108
The 22nd International Conference SPECOM-2020 “Speech And Computerˮ Alexey A. Karpov / Rodmonga K. Potapova / Vsevolod V. Potapov Pages 107-115
Jubilees of scholars
Mikhail Viktorovich Panov (On the 100th Anniversary оf his Birth) Leonid P. Krysin Pages 116-122

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