Issue 6

  • 970 rub.
  • Volume: 81
  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Сrypotopetics and Forms of Its Manifestation Mária Gyöngyösi / Sergej Kibalnik Pages 5-15
Artistic Resources of Punctuation in V.V. Nabokov’s Works: from Linguistic to Figurative Sign Alexander V. Ledenev / Inessa N. Korzhova Pages 16-25
M. A. Sholokhov in English-language cross-cultural communication: on the History of Translation of the novel “The Quiet Donˮ Daria S. Moskovskaya Pages 26-33
А. M. Remizov and His Heirs: Secret Paths of Philological Prose of the Late 20th Century Natallia L. Blishch Pages 34-43
Unknown Article by B.A. Sadovsky “Philosophy of Marriage”: the Pushkinian Context Jurij А. Izumrudov Pages 44-52
On Headings of Paroemias: or Who is the Principal in Khvostov’s Poetical World Ol’ga L. Dovgy Pages 53-60
Is it Necessary to Reconstruct *ö for Proto-Samoyedic: Sources of o after Palatal Consonants in First and Non-First Syllables in Tundra Nenets Anna Yu. Urmanchieva Pages 61-69
Lexical Expressions with Temporal Semantics: the Corpus Study Svetlana P. Timoshenko Pages 70-88
How One Can be Wildly Jealous and Wildly Interested: the Polysemy of Adjectives Denoting Wild Animals in the Field of Human Life Mariia V. Orlova Pages 89-101
Number Marking of the Verb in the East Caucasian Languages Aigul N. Zakirova Pages 102-114
[Review:] Demidova O. R., Potekhina E. A. Gender Models in Culture, or On the Philosophy of the Masculine and the Feminine. St. Petersburg, Russkaja kultura Publ., 2022, 174 p. [In Russ.] Veronika B. Zuseva-Özkan Pages 115-117

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