Issue 5

  • 970 rub.
  • Volume: 81
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Ivan Bunin’s Early Lyrical Poetry: Sources and Influences T. Dvinyatina Pages 5-17
“Es ist die Großmannsuchtˮ: The “Kraftgenieˮ as Reconsidered in “The Robbersˮ by F. Schiller D. Cherepanov Pages 18-25
“Before Us is a Brilliant Metaphor of Russia...ˮ (Symbolism and Poetics of M. Gorky’s Essays “The Conductorˮ and “The Mother of the Kemskykhˮ) Natalia N. Primochkina Pages 26-31
Reflection of the Era of “Economic Boomˮ in the Works of Italo Calvino L. Saburova Pages 32-39
The Relation of Nabokov’s Psychologism to the Tradition of Russian Literature D. Berezhnov Pages 40-47
On the Development of an Abstract Meaning: Verbs of Doing and Making in a Diachronic Perspective Tatiana I. Reznikova Pages 48-56
Ossetian myg / mugæ ‘Sperm’ and Some Aspects of Common Iranian and Indo-European Reconstruction Yuriy A. Dzitstsoity / Alexander I. Falileyev Pages 57-73
On the Sart-Kalmyk Written Sources Boskha Borlykova / Badma Menyaev Pages 74-81
From the History of Philology
Peter Simon Pallas and the Making of Academic Field Lexicography in Russia Vladimir I. Karpov / Stepan A. Senator / Dmitry O. Vorontsov / Nikolai V. Belenov Pages 82-99
Mechanism of Theme-Formation in a Text as it was Represented by Boris Tomashevsky and Georgij Shengeli (Based on the Works of 1925) Sergei I. Gindin Pages 100-109
[Review:] J. Fernández-Domínguez, A. Bagasheva, C. Lara-Clares (eds.) Paradigmatic Relations in Word Formation. (Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Theory, Vol. 16). Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2020. 265 p. [In Engl.] Natalia B. Pimenova Pages 110-114
[Review:] Hodel R. Andrey Platonov: Homeland and Electricity / Robert Hodel; International Platonic Seminar. Moscow, Polymedia, 2021. 206 p.; (Poetics of Andrey Platonov; issue 5) [In Russ.] Кonstantin Barsht Pages 115-120

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