Issue 12

  • Issue number: 12

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Interdisciplinary Consciousness Research: 30 years on Eugene P. Velikhov / Vladislav Lektorsky / Artemy A. Kotov / Boris M. Velichkovsky Pages 5-17
Thinking as a Creative and Evolving Concept Raushan Zh. Abdildina / Zhabaikhan M. Abdildin Pages 18-23
Philosophy and Society
Historicism and its Critics Alexey M. Rutkevich Pages 24-36
On the Philosophy of Solidary Relations Khalil A. Barlybaev Pages 37-46
Theory of Social Formations and the Socialist Revolution Program in Russia Vladimir Krzhevov Pages 47-57
On the Issue of Interdisciplinary Directions for Analysis of Problems of Economic Sovereignty of the State Oleg Yu. Boldyrev Pages 58-68
Fundamental Concepts of the Social Theory in Conditions of Social Evolution: Power, System, Structure, Action. The Materials of the Conference
Power as a Subject of Social Philosophical Reflection Vladimir Mironov Pages 69-72
About Fundamental Concepts of the Social Theory of Karl Marx Karen Kh. Momdzhyan Pages 73-76
Social Evolution as a Fundamental Notion of the Social Philosophy (in Connection with the 50th Anniversary Report of the Club of Rome) David I. Dubrovsky Pages 77-80
Verity and Truth as a Key Concepts of the Philosophy of History: Epistemological Evaluation of Historical Works Alexander Nikiforov / Tatiana D. Sokolova Pages 81-85
Scientific Knowledge as a Concept of the Social Philosophy Alexander Yu. Antonovskiy Pages 86-89
The Problem of Understanding of Historical Reality (Gustav Shpet’s Methodological Experience) Tatiana G. Shchedrina Pages 90-93
Philosophy, Religion, Culture
Young Luther and His Ninety-five Theses. Part 1 Erich Yu. Soloviev Pages 94-110
Doctrinal Foundation of Neo-Thomism: «Twenty-four Thomist theses» Rodion V. Savinov Pages 111-118
Philosophy and Science
Ways and Intersections of Modern Epistemology (Reflections on Book) Natalia I. Kuznetsova Pages 119-130
History of Russian Philosophy
What Else Can the Russian Revolution Teach: the Pyotr Chaadayev Factor and the Political Will Grigorii L. Tulchinskii Pages 131-140
Metaphysical Status of Memory in “Philosophy of Life” of Leo Tolstoy and Henri Bergson Igor I. Evlampiev / Inga Yu. Matveeva Pages 141-151
Conversation at the Crossroads of Cultures (Isaiah Berlin about Meeting with Alexandre Kojève) Olga L. Granovskaya Pages 152-161
History of Philosophy
Ontology and Terminology in Sartre’s Being and Nothingness. Part I. Appearance and Semblance Victor Molchanov Pages 162-173
The Controversy of Herbert Read and T.S. Eliot on the Forms of Cultural Transmission Pages 174-184
A Compatibilist Refutation of the 'Four Case' Manipulation Argument Maria A. Sekatskaya Pages 185-196
Letters to Editors
Grigor Narekatsi’s Litigation at God’s Trial Hayk А. Haroyan / Nelli H. Haroyan Pages 197-205
A Complex Structure of a Simple View, or about ‘Turns’ in Philosophy in the XX Century Yulia D. Artamonova Pages 206-212
Scientific Life
Marxism without Leninism: Marx's Theory and the Future of Culture Review of the 18 th International Likhachov Scientific Conferens 17-19 May 2018 Olga I. Stavtseva Pages 213-219
Margins, Future and Tasks of Aesthetics (Review of the International Scientific Conference of Aesthetics) Rimma A. Kurenkova / Alexander V. Semenovich Pages 220-222

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