Issue 11

  • Issue number: 11

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Actual Unreliability as a Factor of War Andrey Kokoshin Pages 5-15
On the Content of Sociocultural Systems Rovshan Hajiyev Pages 16-24
The State Sovereignty in the Realm of the Philosophical Reflexion: the Civilization Strategies and the Biopolitics Aleksandr Dyakov / Aleksei Sokolov Pages 25-34
Philosophy, Religion and Culture
Towards Conceptualization of Morality in the Early Modern Philosophy Ruben Apressyan Pages 35-46
Universality as a Feature of Moral Phenomena Andrey V. Prokofyev Pages 47-56
Thinking in Images. From the Icon to Dynamic Sign Helen Petrovsky Pages 57-64
Philosophy and Science
The Epistemic Preconditions of Philosophical Analysis of Creativity Natalia M. Smirnova Pages 65-75
Philosophical Conceptions of Life and Importance of Hermeneutics in Comprehension of the Essence of Living Beings Elena N. Shulga Pages 76-85
Biosemiotics: The Origins of an Interdisciplinary Movement Helena N. Knyazeva Pages 86-98
Forecasting and its place in the system of scientific knowledge Sophia V. Pirozhkova Pages 99-110
History of Russian Philosophy
The Witnesses of “The Great Break”: S.L. Frank and A. Einstein’s Correspondence Teresa Obolevich / Alexander S. Tsygankov Pages 111-141
From the silence of the dead to the gossip of rifles (to the position of Semyon Frank in the Russian revolutions of 1917) Vladimir K. Kantor Pages 142-151
Semyon Frank about Leo Tolstoy: "The Knowing Ignorance" (Docta Ignorantia) Svetlana M. Klimova Pages 152-164
History of Philosophy
M. Heidegger – “The Two-faced Janus” of Philosophy: “Black Notebooks” 1942–1948 (The First Article) Nelly V. Motroshilova Pages 165-175
On the Philosophical Legitimateness of Heidegger’s Language Licenses Andrey V. Paribok Pages 176-189
Yogācāra Teaching on the Store Consciousness and the Concept of Causality in Indian Philosophy Sergey L. Burmistrov Pages 190-201
The Conception of Co-dependent Arising (pratītya samutpāda) in Pāli Canon Anastasiya V. Lozhkina Pages 202-212
Philosophe sociable: Xavier Léon – Moderator of the Intellectual Community Tatiana G. Shchedrina / Irina O. Shchedrina Pages 213-222

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