On the Content of Sociocultural Systems

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Affiliation: The Institute of Philosophy of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
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Journal nameVoprosy filosofii
EditionIssue 11

The article is about studying the content of sociocultural systems. To solve this problem, the content of the concept of "sociocultural" is first examined. For this purpose, the views of P. Sorokin, are analyzed, and approaches of other scientists are considered.. Proceeding from this, a brief definition of the concept of "sociocultural system" is given. Then an attempt is made to disclose the content of the concepts "social system" and "cultural system". For this, the views of American sociologists T. Parsons and E. Shils, as well as some Russian researchers, are considered. Later, there is put forward that on the basis of identifying the sign of distinguishing social systems from cultural ones, a consistent differentiation of different types of sociocultural systems can be conducted. The article attempts to show that a clear criterion for distinguishing social systems from cultural systems is the isolation in the content of sociocultural systems of such a feature as a management apparatus. At the same time it is figured out that not all the types of sociocultural systems can be uniquely defined as social or cultural systems. On a specific example, it is shown that a nation as a type of ethnic community can simultaneously be defined as both a cultural system and a social system.

Keywordssociocultural system, cultural system, social system, ethnic community, ethnos, tribe, nation
Publication date19.12.2018
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