Issue 1

  • 970 rub.
  • Volume: 82
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theological antithesis «Beginning of the gods, the One who comes into being afterwards» in the Late Egyptian texts (texts 1-8) Ivan Bogdanov Pages 5-31
Reflections on the Thracian Sea-Nymph Aba Krzysztof Tomasz Witczak Pages 32-43
The doubling in depth of the hoplite phalanx Pierre O. Juhel Pages 44-53
Jason the Thessalian, inventor of the diamond-shaped cavalry formation? Alexandr K. Nefyodkin Pages 54-62
Pompey’s imperium in 77 BC and its political context Anton Korolenkov Pages 63-75
About one disputable subject in the paintings of Fayaztepa in Northern Bactria: character in the "two-horned crown" Kazim Abdullaev Pages 76-100
Roman towns of south-east Britain: Roman imperialism, British traditions, and the features of the provincial urbanization Anton Baryshnikov Pages 101-116
The hellenes of the emperor Julian: the problem of cultural self-identity among late antique intellectuals Eugene Miroshnichenko Pages 117-132
Inscriptions from the fieldwork at the suburban sanctuary of Gorgippia Natalia Zavoykina / Andrey Novichikhin Pages 133-149
A Hoard of bronze coins from the age of Mithradates VI from Vyshesteblievskaya 3 Settlement on the Taman Peninsula Mikhail G. Abramzon / Dmitry Karpov / Andrey Kolesnikov Pages 150-161
A little-known page in the history of Egyptology: Russian emigrants in foreign missions in Egypt (V.W. Strekalovsky, A.V. Floroff, and N. Melnikoff) Maksim Lebedev Pages 162-183
Two New Publications on the Archaeology of Afghanistan Vikentiy A. Parshuto Pages 184-194
Breeze, D. J. and Hanson, W. S. (Eds.) 2020: The Antonine Wall: Papers in Honour of Professor Lawrence Keppie. Series: Archaeopress Roman archaeology. Archaeopress, Oxford. Kseniya Danilochkina Pages 195-204
M. GAGARIN. Democratic Law in Classical Athens. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2020. XII, 194 p. ISBN: 978-1-4773-2037-2 Igor Surikov Pages 205-212
International Academic Conference “Classical Philology in the Context of World Culture – XIII. Academic Readings Dedicated to the 265th Anniversary of the Moscow State University” (Moscow, December 11–12, 2020) Alexei I. Solopov Pages 213-216
XXI Colloquium of the International Committee for Latin Palaeography (Florence, February 19–21, 2020) Ekaterina Antonets Pages 217-222
Round Table “‘Let Us Share a Common Monument…’: Heritage of Alexandr Vasilyevich Mishulin (1901–1948)” (Moscow, April 5, 2021) Sergey Karpyuk Pages 223-224
Rauf M. Munchaev (1928–2021) Editors VDI Pages 225-226
Evgeniy A. Molev (1947–2021) Alexander Makhlayuk Pages 227-230
Hellanicus of Lesbos. Fragments. Translation from Ancient Greek and Commentary by I. E. Surikov (Moscow) (beginning) Igor Surikov Pages 231-251

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