Issue 2

  • 920 rub.
  • Volume: 79
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Once Again on the Time-Reckoning “After Menophris” (A History of a Scholarly Problem and a Search of Its Solution) Ivan Ladynin Pages 245-265
Homer, Politics and the Panathenaea Nikolay Grintser Pages 266-279
Mithridates of Pergamum – a Known and Unknown Ruler Sergey Saprykin Pages 280-306
Kings and “Kings”: Personal Power and Problems in the Reconstruction of the Political History of Pre-Roman Britain Anton Baryshnikov Pages 307-326
Political Meaning of the Dracontius’ ‘Medea’ Ivan Nikolsky Pages 327-334
The Oldest Uncial Script Manuscript of the ‘Mathematike Syntaxis’ by Claudius Ptolemy Paris. gr. 2389: The Problems of Dating Marina Kurysheva Pages 335-342
“Angel of Mercy”: The Coptic Reception of the Image of Archangel Michael Lilia Frangulian Pages 343-357
“Men in Black”: Early Christian Monks in the Mirror of Pagan Criticism Mikhail Vedeshkin Pages 358-378
Basin(s) from the Burial-Mound No. 1 of the Oktyabr’skiy Necropolis (On the Center of Nomadic Elite Burials in the Don-Volga Interfluve) Мikhail Treister Pages 379-415
Studying the Roman Republic in the ‘Vestnik drevney istorii’ in the 1930s–1950s Vera Dementyeva Pages 416-447
B. Bohen. Kratos & Krater: Reconstructing an Athenian Protohistory. Oxford, 2017 Igor Surikov Pages 448-452
E. Siecienski (ed.). Constantine: Religious Faith and Imperial Policy. London–New York, 2017 Andrey Mamontov Pages 453-457
K. Hellström. Fibeln und Fibeltracht der Sarmatischen Zeit im Nordschwarzmeergebiet (2. Jh. v. Chr. – 3. Jh. n. Chr.). Bonn, 2018 Valentina Mordvintseva Pages 458-464
Russian-German International Scientific and Educational Symposium “Heritage of Antiquity and Consequent Epochs: Reception or Transformation?” (Kazan, 18–20 October 2018) Evgeniy Chiglintsev / Eduard V. Rung / Natalia Shadrina Pages 465-470
International Conference “Soviet Antiquity IV: Universal History in the System of Soviet Science, Culture, and Education” (Minsk, 2–3 November 2018) Sergey Karpyuk / Oleg Maliugin Pages 471-474
Spaces of Ancient History at Lobachevsky University Conference (Nizhny Novgorod, 16–17 November 2018) Alexander Makhlayuk Pages 475-480
M. Tullius Cicero. For King Deiotarus. Introducrtion, Translation from Latin and Commentary by E.V. Smykov Evgeny Smykov Pages 481-501
Pauli Silentiarii. Ekphrasis of Hagia Sophia. Ekphrasis of the Ambo. Preface, Translation from Greek and Commentary by T.L. Aleksandrova Tatiana Aleksandrova Pages 502-539

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