Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Russian Literature as an Inevitability. Honoring the Jubilee of Academician Alexander Vasilyevich Lavrov V. Bagno / V. Golovin / S. I. Nikolaev / Inga Danilova Pages 5-6
The Two Queens (Concerning the Typology of Constructing the Images of Women in the Historical Songs of the 16th cent.) T. G. Ivanova Pages 7-24
The Doukhobortsy of the 18th Century as a Textual Community: Some Sources of the Four Early Doukhobortsy Psalms S. G. Tambovtseva Pages 25-37
Anacreontic Poems by J. F. Von Palthen and C. F. Weiße in the Russian 18th Century Translations K. Yu. Lappo-Danilevsky Pages 37-41
Acclimatizing Baba Yaga to the Russian Literature V. A. Koshelev Pages 41-51
«Italian Mark» in the Russian Literary Translations of the First Quarter of 19th Century А. Yu. Miroliubova Pages 51-68
Creative Background of A. A. Bestuzhev’s Journey to Revel A. A. Polyakova Pages 68-77
A. S. Pushkin in the Spanish Press of the 1820–1850s: New Data A. G. Volkhovskaya Pages 78-82
About the French Inscription on the Inkpot Given by Griboedov to his Wife: From Observations over the Bilinguistic Situation in Russia of the First Third of the 19th Century N. L. Dmitrieva Pages 82-86
A Draft on a Sewing Pattern for a Pelerine (N. S. Sokhanskaya and her «Letters on Faust» to P. A. Pletnev) O. L. Fetisenko Pages 86-97
A. P. Chekhov and K. S. Barancewizc: Concerning the Intertext Criteria A. D. Stepanov Pages 97-103
Ieronim Yasinsky’s Journal Ezhemesyachnye Sochineniya as the Precursor of Modernist Periodicals of the Beginning of the 20th Century J. Y. Nymm Pages 103-111
Concerning the Reconstruction of One of L. N. Tolstoy’s Last Literary Designs S. A. Kibalnik Pages 111-116
On Understanding the Image of Wise Sofia in Vyacheslav Ivanov’s Poetry N. L. Bystrov Pages 116-130
The Poetical World of Dziga Vertov: Author, Persona, Sound A. A. Pronin Pages 130-143
Valery Bryusov’s «French Project» A. V. Lavrov Pages 143-159
V. F. Botsyanovsky. Recorded Conversations with Fyodor Sologub (1921–1922) (Introduction, Editing and Commentaries by M. M. Pavlсova) M. M. Pavlova Pages 159-169
Yevgeny Gagarin, an «Arkhangelsk Peasant» and a Russian Writer Abroad E. Sh. Galimova Pages 170-178
Concerning the Rhetoric of the Early 1940s Soviet Literature V. Yu. Vyugin Pages 179-194
Violence and Trauma in the Childrenʼs Literature of 1941–1945 S. G. Maslinskaya Pages 194-203
The Blessed Legacy: A Symposium on the Life of the Classical Tradition R. Yu. Danilevsky Pages 204-206
The Innovators as the Archaists O. Ye. Osovsky / V. P. Kirzhayeva Pages 206-207
B. S. Kaganovich’s Book on A. A. Smirnov M. E. Malikova Pages 207-211
An Alsatian Intellectual in Russia in the Times of Enlightenment: L. G. Nikolai, the Strasburg President of the Russian Academy of Sciences International Research Conference А. Yu. Veselova Pages 212-214
Multilingualism in the Writers’ Manuscripts N. L. Dmitrieva / Yulia Holter Pages 214-216
Research Meeting Honoring the 90th Anniversary of Oleg Viktorovich Tvorogov L. V. Sokolova Pages 216-220
N. P. Generalova, V. A. Lukina. Turgenev’s Days at Pushkin House (International Research Conference Honoring the 200th Anniversary of Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev) N. P. Generalova / V. A. Lukina Pages 221-224
Modern Russian Literature: Interdisciplinary Approaches International Research Conference Wang Yong Pages 225-226
Problems of Studying the Life and Legacy of I. A. Bunin (Biography, Source Study, Textology) International Research Conference Z. S. Zakruzhnaya Pages 227-230
In Memoriam Yurii Mikhailovich Prozorov N. N. Skatov / A. P. Dmitriev Pages 231-231

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