Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

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Plant growing
About sowing methods of oats on drained lands Yu. Mitrofanov / L. Pugacheva / L. Smirnova / V. Lapushkina Pages 3-8
Determination of time of conducting senication of rice crops taking into account sum of effective temperatures A. Sheudzhen / Kh. Khurum / I. Doroshev / P. Kharchenko / T. Bondareva Pages 8-13
Sowing quality of corn parental forms seeds in dependence on terms and conditions of storage V. Sotchenko / A. Gorbacheva / A. Panfilov / I. Vetoshkina Pages 13-17
Problems of obtaining planned potato harvests in the Southern Urals A. Vasiliev / A. Gorbunov Pages 17-21
Use of the A3, A4 and 9E types csm in breeding hybrids of grain sorghum O. Kibalnik / D. Semin Pages 22-25
Methods of ecologicalization of the protection system in the pear-trees A. Skrylev / N. Kashirskaja Pages 25-28
Analysis of ecological functions of birch and oak stands in conditions of urbanized environment on materials of long-term observations N. Dubenok / V. Kuzmichev / A. Lebedev Pages 29-31
Plant protection
Novel home insecto-acaricides based on avermectins T. Dolzhenko / S. Karakotov / V. Dolzhenko Pages 32-35
Estimation of the grasslands in gully-beam systems of the central russian upland E. Knyazeva / V. Kolomeichenko Pages 36-40
Species composition of fungi of the genus fusarium on crops of spring barley in the central part of russia in the years 2015-2017 A. Glinushkin / A. Ovsyankina / M. Kiseleva Pages 41-46
The influence of fertilizers, biomass of white mustard and bio-preparation rhyzoagrin on yield and grain quality of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), the sustainability of the agroecosystem A. Alferov / L. Chernova Pages 47-51
Dıagnostıc ındıcators of ırrıgated swımmıng-seeder and alluyal-lung soıls of Mugano-Salyansky massıf of Azerbaıjan M. Mustafayev / Yu. Mazhaysky / D. Vinogradov Pages 51-57
Animal husbandry
The role of nitric oxide in the exocrine pancreatic function in chicken V. Petrov / I. Kochish / V. Fisinin / A. Ushakov / V. Vertiprakhov / V. Titov Pages 57-60
PGR effect of genotype on economic-valuable signs in the animals of the holstein breed E. Machulskaya / Yu. Shakhnazarova / V. Satsuk / N. Kovalyuk Pages 61-63
Veterinary science
Genetic transformation of mouse cell line with equine genes of receptor infectious anemia virus (ELR1) and cyclin (eCT1) I. Savchenkova / E. Savchenkova / S. Alexeenkova / K. Yurov Pages 64-67
Storage and processing of agricultural produce
Сalculation of the nutrient balance of multicomponent meat products using information tecnologies M. Nikitina / N. Zakharov Pages 68-72
Fatty acids and antimicrobal properties of red table wine E. Khalilova / S. Kotenko / D. Aliverdieva / E. Islammagomedova / A. Abakarova / R. Gasanov / A. Millueva Pages 72-77
Stochastic modeling and estimation of the probability of loss of productivity V. Yakushev / V. Yakushev / V. Bure Pages 77-80

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