Issue 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Political regionalistics
The geopolitical risks and prospects for Russia-Western relations in the Baltic region Stanislav Lachininskii / Li Xiaoling Pages 3-15
The impact of ethnic and religious diversity in the Herzegovina-Neretva canton on the socio-economic situation of inhabitants in 2005-2015 Wiskulski Tomasz / Wendt Jan A. Pages 16-25
Society and demography
Transformation of the ethnic structure of the population of the regions of the Soviet Union between the 1939 and 1989 census Andrei Manakov Pages 26-46
Socio-geographic aspects of conservation of ethnocultural identity and traditional forms of natural use in Setomaa Natalya Terenina / Jaak Kliimask Pages 47-56
Historical and cultural geography
“Places of remembrance” in the historic-geographical narrative: Case of the East of the Baltic region Vladimir Streletsky Pages 57-72
The toponymical palimpsest: renaming as a symbolic (re)construction of space and place Ivan Mitin Pages 73-83
Tourism and recreation
Cultural tourism as a tool for creating a positive image of Bulgaria in the international community Viliyan Krastev Pages 84-96
Geography of inbound tourism in Greenland and the Faroe Islands Ivan Ivanov / Krasimira Yancheva Pages 97-110
Methods of regional studies
Road mapping method in implementation of regional cluster policy Olga Bergal Pages 111-122
Quantitative assessment of landscape representativity of regional protected natural areas Aleksandr Sokolov Pages 123-137

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