Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Single-grave biritual burials of the Fedorovo culture carriers of the Bronze Age Evgeny A. Dmitriev Dmitriev / Turar A. Elibaev / Alexey I. Kukushkin Pages 7-18
To the issue of spreading technological knowledge in iron working Vladimir I. Zavyalov / Natalya N. Terekhova Pages 19-25
On the problem of dating of iron age sepulchres in Armenia Garegin S. Tumanyan Pages 26-39
On the origin of Rus churches with rectangular altar apse Vladimir V. Sedov Pages 40-49
About “green niello” in the decor of encolpion crosses of Rus from the finds in Suzdal Opolye Irina E. Zaitseva / Eduard A. Greshnikov / Aleksey A. Veligzhanin / Alexander Pakhunov / Pavel V. Dorovatovskii / Nataliya N. Presnyakova / Konstantin M. Podurets / Ekaterina S. Kovalenko / Mikhail M. Murashev / Viktor P. Glazkov / Ekaterina B. Yatsishina Pages 50-61
Added metals in non-ferrous metallurgy of Perm Cis-Urals: commodity form and possible sources of incoming Nataliya Krylasova / Yulia A. Podosyonova Pages 62-74
Geophysical Methods in Archaeology
Magnetometry in archaeology – from theory to practice Jörg W.E. Fassbinder Pages 75-91
Complex geophysics in regional archaeological research (experience of studying medieval Finno-Ugric settlements of the Cheptsa river region) Igor V. Zhurbin Pages 92-104
Complex geophysical research on one section of a Bulgarian fortified settlement Vladimir Bezdudny / Ayrat G. Sidtikov Pages 105-114
History of Science
The Institute for the History of Material Culture in Moscow, 1943–1945 Sergey Karpyuk Pages 115-121
New petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan Artur R. Laskin / Ekaterina G. Devlet / Yuri M. Svoyskiy / Ekaterina V. Romanenko / Elena S. Levanova Pages 122-130
On the cultural attribution of the Itkul and Gamayun-Itkul antiquities of the Trans-Urals Viktor А. Borzunov Pages 131-146
Byzantine Monastery and Consular House in Jerusalem (based on the results of the excavation of 2018) Yana Tchekhanovets / Кirill Vach Pages 147-157
Craftsmen’s outskirts of ancient Smolensk Nikolay A. Krenke / Ivan N. Ershov / Roman B. Platonovsky / Vera A. Raeva Pages 158-170
Anthropological finds from the medieval layers of the Taynitsky Garden (based on the materials of the excavations in the Moscow Kremlin in 2007) Alexandra Buzhilova / Maria Mednikova / Asya V. Engovatova / Vladimir Yu. Koval Pages 171-191

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