The First Soviet Delegation to the People’s Republic of China (September — November, 1949)

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The article for the first time goes into details of the activities of the members of the first Soviet delegation of scientific, cultural and artistic figures who visited the People’s Republic of China from September, 27, to November, 3, 1949. The delegation headed by A.A. Fadeyev included prominent Soviet scholars, writers, Stalin Prize winners and a group of performers. The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate the Soviet Union’s friendship and support, to get acquainted with the situation in the sphere of the Chinese culture and to figure out possible areas of future bilateral cultural cooperation.


The article shows the importance of using a source, such as written reports of Soviet and Chinese origin, to deepen historical research. The documents demonstrate extraordinary warm and enthusiastic atmosphere in which the Soviet delegation found itself, whether on the October, 1 on the Tiananmen Square, or the Congress for Peace, the founding conference of the China-Soviet Friendship Society (CSFS), numerous meetings with workers, peasants, intellectuals, students. The archival documents, analyzed by the author, provided an overview of the delegation’s program, the content of the speeches of the members of the delegation at mass meetings, thematic meetings and lectures for specialists. All the above has helped to find out items for cooperation with the new-born Chinese state and public organizations in the field of culture. The author comes to a conclusion that the productive discussions held in China resulted later in concrete proposals, which were passed by the delegation to the Communist Party Central Committee. Many of them were implemented in the process of the Soviet-Chinese cultural cooperation in the 1950s.

KeywordsUSSR, PRC, first Soviet Delegation to PRC, Soviet-Chinese Cultural Cooperation
Publication date21.06.2022
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