Global Sounding Options for Libyan Independence. 1937

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Many figures of the Libyan national liberation movement, after the defeat of the Italian fascist colonial troops were in exile where they tried to fight a political struggle. The article deals with the activities of the “League for the protection of Tripoli and Cyrenaica” with its headquarters in Damascus, headed by the Bashir Saadawi. It was created in 1928, united many members of the Libyan diasporas in the Mashriq, and in 1937 proved itself by another anti-fascist appeal, which was recorded by Comintern staffers in Moscow. This struggle is placed in the broad context of global ideological and political confrontation and the work of the Comintern in the Arab East. The article presents the international reaction to the Anti-Comintern Pact of 1936-1937 of the countries of the fascist “axis” united against the “communist threat” in the context of the redistribution of the North African colonies. The article analyzes the possibility of contacts between the League and the Comintern in the wave of opposition to Italian colonialism. The fascist Alliance was gaining strength and preparing for war. Italy was no exception: if was going to fight for its possessions in North Africa, where its interests were disputed by Britain, which also tried to use the energy of Libyan patriots in exile, especially in Egypt. Thus, the League could well be seen by the Executive Committee of the Communist International as a tactical partner in opposing to both sides, namely the Italian fascists and the British imperialists.

KeywordsItalian fascism, Libyan emigrants, anti-communism, Comintern, Anti-Comintern Pact, Libya, Damascus
Publication date01.05.2021
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