Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Scheduling of electricpower system operation in the light of amodern whole sale market S. Palamarchuk Pages 3-17
Energy security in the system of the market relations E. Trofimov / S. Trofimov Pages 18-23
Symmetrization of three-phase circuit as the multi-objective optimization problem N. Korovkin / K. Vu Pages 24-37
Principles of combining start signals of a set of fault detectors or measuring units of relay protection to increase its sensitivity M. Sharygin Pages 38-49
The effect of quasi-direct currents on the generator-transformer unit V. Vakhnina Pages 50-64
Optimum distribution of electric and thermal loadings between power units of combined heat and power plant P. Shchinnikov Pages 65-75
Development of propositions and models of classical equilibrium thermodynamics and their application in energy research B. Kaganovich Pages 76-87
Energy efficiency indicator based on entropy production evaluation S. Trebunskikh Pages 88-102
About theory of stability of operation mode of steam-water well in exploitation of geothermal power plants A. Shulyupin Pages 103-117
Thermoconvective problem of non-isotropic heat conductivity A. Attetkov Pages 118-131
Modeling of changes in the heating value of coal transported to russia’s far north regions on the example of the republic of Sakha (Yakutia) V. Zakharov / A. Kozlov / I. Donskoy Pages 132-141
Non-stationary model for calculation of the parameters engine combustion chamber workflow B. Erokhin Pages 142-147
Calculation of parameters of cs 137 release from a molten pool after the accidental melting of an ionizing radiation source K. Dolganov Pages 148-157

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