Issue 1

  • Volume: 482
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On Pronormal Subgroups of Finite Groups A. Kondrat’ev / Natalya Maslova / Danila Revin Pages 7-11
The Basis Properties of the System of Root Functions of the Oblique Derivative Problem A. Kostin / Vladimir Sherstyukov Pages 12-15
Compressible Finite Groups of Birational Automorphism V. Popov Pages 16-18
Effective Parallel Algorithm for Calculation of Currents in Toroidal Plasma F. Zaitsev / F. Anikeev Pages 19-22
Control of a Rigid Body Carrying an Oscillator with Incomplete Information I. Ananievski Pages 23-27
Cavitation of a Liquid Column when Its Lower Boundary Moves R. Ganiev / М. Ilgamov Pages 28-32
On Flatter Suppression in the Keldysh Model N. Kuznetsov / Gennadiy Leonov Pages 33-37
Features of Heat Transfer on Permeable Surface in Compressible Gas Flow M. Makarova / Alexandr Leontiev / V. Lushik Pages 38-41
Quantum Chemical Study of Spin Transitions in Bimetallic Complexes Fe-M (M=Co, Ni, Cu, Zn) with 1,10-Phenanthroline Linker A. Starikova / Vladimir Minkin Pages 42-45
New Quinoxaline-Containing Monomers for Narrow Bandgap Polymers S. Kuklin / Mukhamed Keshtov / I. Konstantinov / D. Godovskiy / Y. Zuo / I. Ostapov / A. Khokhlov / E. Makhayeva Pages 46-51
Dehydrogenation of Bicyclohexyl on a Pt-Catalyst on the Basis of Oxidized Carbon Nanotubes A. Kalenchuk / Sergey Chernyak / Viktor Bogdan / Valeriy Lunin Pages 52-55
The Petrological Data Allow to Evaluate Magnitudes of Crustal Uplift Resulting from the Retrograde Metamorphism P. Chekhovich / / / Hans Masson Pages 56-59
Paleoproterozoic Kimberlite at Kimozero, Karelian Craton: Ore Mineralization in Kimberlite and Fault Zones O. Bogatikov / Alexandr Dokuchayev / Evgeniya Yutkina / Igor Kondrashov / A. Kargin Pages 60-63
Paleomagnetic Studies in the Devonian and Carboniferous Rocks of the Southern Urals: Independent Test of Collision of the Magnitogorsk Island Arc and the Passive Margin of Continent of Laurussia I. Golovanova / Konstantin Danukalov / Viktor Puchkov / Aleksandr Kosarev / Raushaniya Sal'manova Pages 64-67
The Geochemistry of Suspended Matter from Amazon River Waters V. Gordeyev / G. Baturin Pages 68-71
Geochemistry and Fractionation of Zr and Hf in the Magmatic System of the Kuga Massif (Polar Siberia) L. Kogarko Pages 72-74
Sr Isotope Signature of Glendonites in the Middle Jurassic of Siberia M. Rogov / Anton Kuznetsov / Galina Konstantinova / T. Turchenko Pages 75-79
On the composition and a deep sources of Early Devonian potassic rocks Sakmara zone of South Ural Pyotr Fedorov / Viktor Korinevskiy / Boris Zolotarev Pages 80-84
Segmentational Mechanism of Periodic Activation of Fault Sergey Bornyakov / Ivan Panteleyev Pages 85-88
Criterion for Change of Particle Setting Regimes in Viscous Liquid V. Trubitsyn / A. Trubitsyn Pages 89-91
The scientific approaches for biomonitoring of Lake Onego Natalya Kalinkina / Tamara Polykova / / Elena Tekanova Pages 92-95
A new DNA breaks repair pathway involving PARP3 and base excision repair proteins Ekaterina Belousova / Mikhail Kutuzov / Polina Ivankina / Alexandr Ishchenko / Olga Lavrik Pages 96-100
Effect of Methyl Jasmonate on the Expression of WCS Genes and the Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes at Wheat Cold Adaptation V. Talanova / Alexandr Titov / Natalya Repkina / Anna Ignatenko Pages 101-104
Rearrangement of Prefrontal Cortex Neural Activity Both Hemispheres During the Learning E. Filatova / Alexandr Orlov / Sergey Afanasiev Pages 105-107
Morphological and Taxonomical Interpretation of Schugura and Orestovia, Enigmatic Plants from the Devonian of Russia Alexey Goman'kov Pages 108-110
The Activity of Enzymes of Energy and Carbohydrate Metabolism in the Organs of Stickback Gasterosteus aculeatus from Different Biotopes of the White Sea during the Spawning Period M. Churova / Natalya Shul'gina / Nina Nemova Pages 111-113

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