Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Digital farming V. Kiryushin / A. Ivanov / I. Kozubenko / I. Savin Pages 4-9
The application of remote sensing in precision agriculture S. Blohina Pages 10-16
Nitrogen flows in agrophytocenosis on soddy-podzolic soil A. Zavalin / N. Shmyryaev / O. Sokolov Pages 17-21
Influence of dicarboxylic acids on sowing quality of spring barley N. Loy / S. Gulina Pages 22-25
Forest amelioration
Features of sunflower bioproductivity in influence zone of forest belts O. Ruleva / N. Ovechko Pages 25-29
Multipurpose utilization of the aspergillus oryzae fungus - the producer of the hydrolase complex L. Rimareva / E. Serba / M. Overchenko / N. Ignatova / A. Krivova / E. Kurbatova / E. Sokolova Pages 29-33
Influence of environmental factors on spring wheat diseases progression T. Aseeva / N. Savchenko Pages 34-37
Monitoring of black currant varieties resistance to columnar rust A. Bakhotskaya / S. Knyazev Pages 37-40
Crop production and selection
Necessary characteristics of barley varieties for adaptation to unfavorable weather conditions B. Batasheva / R. Abdulaev / E. Radchenko / O. Kovaleva / I. Zveynek Pages 41-45
Productivity of cauliflower varieties and hybrids depending on date of sowing and planting E. Gadzhimustapaeva Pages 46-49
Aesthetic characteristics of decorative pear shapes of vniispk gene pool B. Kornilov / E. Dolmatov / T. Khrykina Pages 49-51
Mint selection for different specific purposes A. Morozov Pages 52-55
Influence of components of buckwheat cultivation technology on productivity and quality of grain I. Khanieva / S. Bekuzarova / L. Kushkhakanova / A. Tkhaitlov / A. Sabolirov Pages 55-58
Botanical composition and productivity of perennial grasses agrophytocenoses with tetraploid meadow clover N. Kasatkina / Zh. Nelyubina Pages 59-62
Adaptive reactions to ecological stress of pasture fodder crops M. Babaeva / S. Osipova Pages 62-65
Introduction to culture and prospects for using leguminous herbs in selection of the northern ecotype O. Ivanova / M. Yudina / M. Yakimenko Pages 65-70
Veterinary entomology
Insecticide effectiveness of fly baits M. Levchenko / E. Silivanova Pages 71-73
Frequency of milk yields of different breed cows during productive life N. Kuzmina / D. Koltsov / V. Chernushenko Pages 74-78
Comparative assessment of productive characteristics pure-breed and mixed bred store pigs of canadian selection L. Morozova / I. Mikolaychik / V. Chumakov / A. Neupokoeva Pages 78-80
Ide it is the prospective object for agricultural fish farming G. Servetnik Pages 80-84
Mechanization and energy sector
On cultivation technology of berry crops suitable for mechanized harvesting O. Panfilova Pages 85-90

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