Issue 8

  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Philosophy and Society
The Idea of Humanism as a Factor of Social Development Nadezhda Subbotina Pages 5-15
Crisis of Liberal-Market Model of Globalization Renal'd Kh. Simonyan Pages 16-25
Multiculturalism as a Sociocultural Phenomenon of Polyethnic Society Karine Arutiunian Pages 26-33
Philosophy, Religion and Culture
History as a Philosophical Idea Vadim Mezhuev Pages 34-41
Nietzsche on the Human Passions Pavel Gurevich Pages 42-51
An Introduction to the Renaissance Monster Studies: Hybrid Beings and Other Creatures Anton Karabykov Pages 52-64
Religion, Atheism and Science: Interpreting Interactions and Heuristic Opportunities (Historic, Philosophical and Pantheoretical Aspects) Dmitry Gusev Pages 65-76
Post-nonclassical Science and Philosophical and Mystical Worldview Natalia S. Zhirtueva Pages 77-85
Philosophy and Science
The Problem of Transforming Empirical Knowledge into Theoretical Vladimir Shevchenko Pages 86-95
History of Russian Philosophy
On the Inheritance in the History of the Russian Philosophy Aleksander Ermichyov Pages 96-103
On the Continuity in Russian Philosophy Vitaliy Makhlin Pages 104-113
“History is not an Abandoned Passage...” (Justification of History in Russian Religious and Philosophic Thought of XIX – the First Third of XX Century) Anastasia Gacheva Pages 114-126
History of Philosophy
Chinese Classical Text Inception Retaining in light of Contemporary Theory of Knowledge Ilya Kanaev Pages 127-138
About the Community and Ritual Activity of Women in the Medieval Daoism (on the Example of Texts of the Stans of the School of Quanzhen Installed in Beijing) Irina Belaya Pages 139-149
Li Zhi “A Book to Burn”: Philosophical Ideas and Structure of Juan No 4 Nikolai Rudenko Pages 150-163
Nirvana and Anarchy: the Doctrine of the “Five Negations” by Zhang Binglin Dmitry E. Martynov / Yulia Martynova Pages 164-181
Modern Philosophical and Social-Political Thought of China Alexandr Chebunin / Leonid Yangutov Pages 182-191
Scientific Life
Time in the modern picture of the world (review of the scientific conference) Andrey Sevalnikov Pages 192-198
Russian Logos: Thinking Horizons (Review of the International Philosophical Conference) Alexey Gryakalov / Svetlana Martynova / Oleg Nogovitsin Pages 199-207
Anniversary talk on Logos (Review of the scientific conference) Alexander Fedulayev Pages 208-212
Book Reviews
S.A. Lebedev. Scientific method: history and theory Yury D. Granin / Nikolay Gubanov / Nikolay Gubanov Pages 213-217
А.М. OREKHOV. Travel after the Owl of Minerva: Ancient Philosophy Ruzana Pskhu Pages 218-218
O.A. ROMANOV. East Slavic civilization in the horizon of open history Nikolay Myslivets Pages 219-222

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