Chinese Classical Text Inception Retaining in light of Contemporary Theory of Knowledge

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Affiliation: Sun Yat-Sen University
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Journal nameVoprosy filosofii
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The article provides interpretation of the Chinese classical text Zhong Yong previously translated as “The Doctrine of the Mean”. This text is the second one in the Confucian Four Books. It is devoted to the ontological problems: the pricniples of metaphysical interconnection between reaching the sincerity by human being and the Order of the Reality are established in the text. The high-light is on the person of the ruler which takes responsibility for his people: from the establishing rightful family relations and up to the preventing natural disasters. The distinguishing feature of this translation is considering Chinese classical philosophy from the point of view of modern epistemology and by the means of the scientific language. 


KeywordsChinese classics, education, knowledge, person, leader, state, sincerity
Publication date03.10.2018
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