Review of the Materials from the Expedition to the Aromanians of North Macedonia

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Occupation: Junior researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Slavic studies RAS
Address: 119334, Russia, Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 32A
Occupation: Junior researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Slavic studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation
Journal nameSlavianovedenie
EditionIssue 1

The review highlights the general results of the field ethnolinguistic expedition in the city of Krushevo and in the villages of the Bitola district (North Macedonia) in 2022. The purpose of the expedition was a survey of the Aromanians living close to the Slavic Macedonian population in this area. The constant intensive contacts and interaction of the Slavic and the non-Slavic population contributed to linguistic and cultural interference and borrowing in the traditions under consideration. The field research was directed to the collection of the material on funeral and memorial rituals, mythological ideas and terminology serving this «mortal» sphere. In the course of the survey, a wide vocabulary layer of borrowings was revealed both in the language and folk culture.

Keywordsfuneral and memorial rites, North Macedonia, Vlachs, Aromanians, dialect vocabulary, borrowings, cultural tradition.
AcknowledgmentThe study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation with a grant project № 22-18-00484 «Slavic-non-Slavic borderlands: funeral and memorial rite in ethnolinguistic coverage (
Publication date28.03.2023
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