Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Concerning the Academic Editions of Modern Poetry: Commenting and Textology Issues Nikolay Bogomolov Pages 5-21
Russian Theme and Russian Themes in the Foreign Fiction (a Case Study of Systematization) Vsevolod Bagno Pages 22-30
Concerning the Russian Motifs in the Life and Work of Jean Paul Marina Koreneva Pages 30-36
N. I. Grechand Revue Encyclopédique Piotr Zaborov Pages 36-41
Russian Names and Realities in the Works by Poi Baroja Kirill Korkonosenko Pages 42-49
The Presentation of the Russian Life in the English Novels Is Misleading: Russian Theme as Perceived by the Anglo-Russian Literary Society Irina Arshinova Pages 50-53
Unknown Samples of Lexicographical Legacy in Tsvetnik by Prokhor Kolomnyatin Natalya Savelyeva Pages 54-63
A. S. Shishkov's Censorship Policy and the History of Pushkin's Editions of 1825-1826 Alina Bodrova Pages 63-73
A. S. Pushkin in Count D. I. Khvostov's Notes on Literature Aleksandr Kurochkin Pages 73-92
Concerning the Authorship of the Anonymous Poem of the Crimean War Period, Kto Komu Nuzhneye? (Who Needs Whom More?) Nikolay Vasilyev Pages 92-103
The Challenges of Researching F. M. Dostoyevsky's Workbooks in Biographical Context Natalia Tarasova Pages 103-110
Metamorphoses of Corporeality in the Critical Discourse by Akim Volynsky Vladimir Kotelnikov Pages 111-121
F. K. Sologub and An. N. Chebotarevskaya's Correspondence with I. Yasinsky (Introduction, Editing and Comments by T. V. Misnikevich) Tatyana Misnikevich Pages 122-133
P. A. Yefremov's Collection in the Library of Pushkin House: The Acquisition History Nikolay Beliaev Pages 133-139
«The Russian Oscar Wilde»: a Stage Image of Igor Severyanin Ekaterina Kuznetsova Pages 140-153
A Forgotten Art Nouveau Play about the 18th Century (V VekEkateriny (In the Age of Catherine) by V. P. Burenin and F. E. Zarin) Aleksey Petrov / Maria Skvortsova Pages 154-171
Vyacheslav Ivanov and the Mutual Understanding Union (1918) Svetlana Fedotova Pages 171-181
Mental Travellers. Obscure Pages of the Artistic Dialogue between Nikolai Gumilyov and William Blake Vera Serdechnaya Pages 182-189
The Path of the Lions: The Glory by V. V. Nabokov and Life Creation Viacheslav Desyatov Pages 189-196
Cursed Days by I. A. Bunin: the History of the Text Evgeniy Ponomaryov Pages 196-210
A Pseudo-Ecphrasis: Commenting on K. Vaginov's Novel Bambocciada Alexandr Kobrinskiy Pages 210-217
The Art of Hatred: «Noble Fury» and Violence in the Russian Culture of the World War II Period Yevgeniy Dobrenko Pages 217-228
A. F. Losev: Approaches the Symbolist Drama (Introduction, Editing and Comments by E. A. Taho-Godi) Elena Taho-Godi Pages 229-236
A. M. Remizov. In The Grasp of the Fairy Tales (Introductory Note, Editing and Comments by A. M. Gracheva) Alla Gracheva Pages 236-239
A Neglected Insight into the Authorship of the Poem To the Current War Abram Reytblat Pages 240-241
A Kormchaya as a Collection with a Permanent Composition Svetlana Semyachko Pages 242-244
G. R. Derzhavin through the Eyes of his Contemporaries Elena Kukushkina Pages 244-246
The Progress of Karamzin the Writer towards History Natalya Kochetkova Pages 247-250
Chekhov's World: The Unity of Vision Andrey Stepanov Pages 250-252
Pre-Jubilee: The Buniana of the Recent Years Tatyana Dvinyatina Pages 252-256
XXII Research Conference of the Manuscript Department, Pushkin House Elena Obatnina Pages 257-260
Historical Narration in the Writings of Eastern Slavs International Research Conference Dmitriy Bulanin Pages 260-262
Crossed-Out Text in the Perspective of an Artistic Utterance Seventh Practical Research Seminar Nina Loshchinskaya Pages 263-267
Seventh Hagiographic Seminar Svetlana Semyachko / Tatyana Rudy Pages 267-270

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