Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Tell Maghzalia in the context of the early Neolithic sites of Northern Mesopotamia and neighbouring territories Tatiana V. Kornienko Pages 5-20
Elite mound of the Scythian period in the Middle Don (materials from the excavations in the Devitsa V cemetery) Valery Guliaev / Semyon Volodin / Alexander Shevchenko Pages 21-39
Strabo, M.I. Rostovtsev and the Crimean Azov littoral Aleksandr A. Maslennikov Pages 40-52
New data on the study of off-sites of prehistoric and medieval settlements in the Kislovodsk Basin Dmitry S. Korobov / Aleksandr V. Borisov Pages 53-69
The time of emergence of the Gnezdovo settlement based on radiocarbon dating Veronika V. Murasheva / Andrey V. Panin / Alexey O. Shevtsov / Nadezhda N. Malysheva / Elya P. Zazovskaya / Nataliya E. Zaretskaya Pages 70-86
Textiles from the Chernaya Mogila mound Olga V. Orfinskaya / Sergey S. Zozulya Pages 87-97
A hoard of staters of Cotys III and Sauromates III from the settlement Volna 1 in the Taman Peninsula Mikhail G. Abramzon / Sergey I. Bezuglov / Olga L. Gunchina / Elmira R. Ustaeva Pages 98-114
To the 90th anniversary of M.V. Sedova
To the 90th anniversary of M.V. Sedova Nikolay A. Makarov Pages 115-117
Suzdal and its vicinity in the research of M.V. Sedova V. A. Lapshin Pages 118-120
The Shekshovo medieval burial ground: “Vladimir mounds” in the light of new field research Nikolay A. Makarov / Anna M. Krasnikova / Irina E. Zaitseva / Maria V. Dobrovolskaya Pages 121-140
Windows of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin in Suzdal Vladimir V. Sedov Pages 141-148
Cross from the Novodevichy Convent: archaeological context and typology of reliquary crosses of the 16th–17th centuries Leonid A. Belyaev Pages 149-164
Study of a reliquary cross from the Novodevichy Convent with natural science techniques Eduard A. Greshnikov / Victor M. Pojidaev / Sergey N. Malakhov / Konstantin M. Podurets / Ekaterina S. Kovalenko / Mikhail M. Murashev / Viktor P. Glazkov / Lev I. Govor / Nataliya N. Presnyakova / Roman D. Svetogorov / Pavel V. Dorovatovskii / Igor Trunkin Pages 165-183
Anatoly Zakharovich Vinnikov: to the 80th anniversary Alexander Bessudnov / Elena Zakharova / Michail Tsybin Pages 184-185
To the 80th birthday of Professor A.S. Skripkin Liliya V. Yavorskaya / V. M. Klepikov / Mikhail V. Krivosheev Pages 186-187

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