Sergey Lutsenko


Institute for Economic Strategies of the Social Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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The immunity of high-ranking statesmen as a legal concept intrinsic to the sovereign state (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Development agencies as drivers of Russian technological and economic breakthrough (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On economic assessment of long-term and shortterm interests in corporate governance (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On granting the Russian Academy of Sciences the much needed status of a legal entity of the public law (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The defamation - a category of value judgment (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
The role of juvenile justice in a welfare state (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Тhe role of the Сentral Вank of the Russian Federation in the light of the emerging needs of national economy (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Rationality of behavior of Russian public companies’ executives in cash flow management (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The company as the alter ego of the shareholder (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On public request for reforming the postgraduate studies system in the Russian Federation (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
About economic standards of behavior of participants of business (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The balance of economic interests of shareholders and management in corporate governance (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Putting the economic indicators of society wellbeing on the agenda (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Improving national and supra-national elements of the long-term economic development policy in the EAEU member states (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On the Corporate Financial Policy under Shocks and Restrictions (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -