Issue 1

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  • Volume: 57
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theoretical and methodological problems
Digital Transaction Platforms: Ensuring Their Efficiency Elena Ustyuzhanina / Victor Dementiev / Sergey Evsukov Pages 5-18
Agent modeling in research and forecasting of socio-economic systems and processes Ruslan Ramazanov Pages 19-32
Institutional determinants of bilateral foreign direct investment flows Igor Drapkin / Kristina Chukavina / Rogneda Groznykh Pages 33-42
The use of three-sided market models in media industry strategizing Sergey Vartanov Pages 43-52
Problems of national economy
Assessment of economic efficiency of development directions of the industry on the use of secondary building resources Georgiy Lunev / Irina Tarasova Pages 53-62
Assessing the contribution of the banking sector to economic security Alekcandr Tulupov / Nabi Ziyadullaev / Ulugbek Ziyadullaev Pages 63-73
Enterprise problems
Organizational efficiency in conditions of external uncertainty: A quantitative analysis Anna Pismennaia / Vasiliy Anfinogentov Pages 74-82
Mathematical anaysis of economic models
Study of flow dynamics in the model of cargo transportation organization along a circular chain of stations Nerses Khachatryan / Levon Beklaryan Pages 83-91
A model for changing individual opinions in a group under the influence of interpersonal contacts and external factors Yuriy Gavrilets / Iraida Tarakanova Pages 92-104
Information technologies for supply creation on e-trading platform with marketplace technology Mikhail Matveev Pages 105-112
DCC-GARCH-model for identifying long-term and short-term effects of financial contagion in response to the credit rating updates Natalia Pivnickaya / Tamara Teplova Pages 113-123
V.N. Livshits — 90 Pages 124-124
In commemoration of M.Ya. Lemeshev Pages 125-127
In the memory of M.Ya. Lemeshev Alexander Pilyasov Pages 128-128

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