Ekonomika i matematicheskie metody

ISSN: 0424-7388

Chief Editor: Makarov Valerij Leonidovich (Academician of the RAS)

Co-Founders: Market Economy Institute RAS, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS

Address: Nakhimovsky Ave., 47 117418, Moscow, Russia

Tel.: 8 (499) 129-39-33, 8 (916) 139-27-26

E-mail: emm@cemi.rssi.ru

Website: http://www.cemi.rssi.ru/emm/general.htm

The Journal Impact Factor: 0,597 РИНЦ


The Journal “Ekonomika i matematicheskie metody” (The economy and mathematic methods) was founded in 1965. The problems of the journal cover a range of problems, among them: theoretical and methodological problems of the Russian and world economy, development and the forecast of the national economy, sector and regional studies, problems of enterprises and firms. The articles are distinguished by the modern level of research. 
The Editorial Committee: Afanas'ev Anton Aleksandrovich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Afoncev Sergej Aleksandrovich (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Volkonskij Viktor Aleksandrovich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Volchkova Natal'ya Aleksandrovna (Candidate of Economic Sciences ); Gavrilec Yurij Nikolaevich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Grebennikov Valerij Grigor'evich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Gusev Andrej Aleksandrovich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Egorov Georgij Vladimirovich (Ph.D. (Economics)); Enikolopov Ruben Sergeevich (Ph.D. (Economics)); Zaharov Aleksej Vladimirovich (Candidate of Economic Sciences); Kvint Vladimir L'vovich (a Foreign Member of the RAS, Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Klejner Georgij Borisovich (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences); Kuboniva Masaaki (Ph.D. (Economics)); Libman Aleksandr Mihajlovich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Livshic Veniamin Naumovich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Polterovich Viktor Meerovich (Academician of the RAS), Pomanskij Aleksej Borisovich (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Savvateev Aleksej Vladimirovich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Candidate of Economic Sciences); Ustyuzhanina Elena Vladimirovna (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)).
Deputy Chief Editors: Bahtizin Al'bert Raufovich (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Gol'shtejn Evgenij Grigor'evich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Dement'ev Viktor Evgen'evich (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); Izmalkov Sergej Borisovich (Ph.D. (Economics)); Shitova Irina Sergeevna (full-time deputy editor-in-chief).
Assistant Editor: Vinogradova Natal'ya Stanislavovna


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