Issue 3

  • Volume: 481
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Strict Embeddings of Permutation-Invariant Spaces S. Astashkin / E. Semenov Pages 235-237
Stable Cohomology of Spaces of Non-Resultant Systems of Polynomials in Rn V. Vasyliev Pages 238-242
Outer Billiards Outside Regular Octagon: Periodicity of Almost All Orbits and an Existence of Periodic Orbit Filipp Rukhovich Pages 243-246
On the Uniqueness of the Solution of the Inverse Sturm-Liouville Problem with Nonseparated Boundary Conditions on a Geometric Graph Victor Sadovnichy / Ya. Sultanaev / A. Akhtyamov Pages 247-249
Mechanism of the Transition of Solid Hydrogen to the Conducting State at Hight Pressures G. Norman / I. Saitov Pages 250-253
On the Influence of the Mounting Stiffness on Dynamics of a Double-Link Aerodynamic Pendulum Yu. Selyutskiy / A. Holub Pages 254-257
Controlled Motion of a Spherical Robot of Pendulum Type on an Inclined Plane Tatiana Ivanova / Aleksandr Kilin / Elena Pivovarova Pages 258-263
Finite-Dimensional Approximations of the Steklov–Poincare Operator in Periodic Elastic Waveguides S. Nazarov Pages 264-269
Physical chemistry
Application of SERS and SEF Spectroscopy for Detection of Water-Soluble Fullerene-Chlorin Dyads and Chlorin e6 A. Belik / V. Kukushkin / A. Rybkin / N. Goryachev / P. Mikhaylov / V. Romanova / O. Kraevaya / P. Troshin / Alexey Kotelnikov Pages 270-275
Testing of Detonation Ramjet Model in a Wind Tunnel at Approach Air Stream Mach Number 5.7 and Stagnation Temperature 1500 K S. Frolov / V. Zvegintsev / V. Ivanov / V. Aksenov / I. Shamshin / D. Vnuchkov / D. Nalivaichenko / A. Berlin / V. Fomin / A. Shiplyuk / N. Yakovlev Pages 276-280
Features of Ore Formation of Epithermal Ag-Au Teploe Deposit (Northeast Russia) A. Volkov / H. Savva / E. Kolova / A. Sidorov Pages 281-284
The Major Causes of Oil Field Pattern Placement in West–Siberian Platform Kirill Ivanov / S. Lats / Viktor Koroteev / N. Kostrov / O. Pogromskaya Pages 285-288
Energy Parameters of Ore-Forming Depth Fluid Systems F. Letnikov / B. Danilov / A. Letnikova Pages 289-290
The Velocities of Modern Horizontal Movements in the Central Sector of the Greater Caucasus According to GPS Observations and Their Relationship to Tectonics and Deep Structure of the Earth's Crust V. Milyukov / A. Nikolaev / Kh. Khubaev / Valery Drobyshev / A. Gorbatikov / E. Rogozhin / A. Ovsyuchenko / A. Mironov Pages 291-295
Interaction Biogeochemical Sulfur and Carbon Cycles in Marine Basins (as an Example The Black Sea) A. Lein / M. Ivanov Pages 296-299
The First Find of the Rare Metal Elements Minerals in the Albazinskoe Gold Deposit R. Kemkina / V. Ivanov / Alexandr Khanchuk / I. Kemkin Pages 300-304
Role of Crust Contamination in the Early Cretaceous Magmatism of the Western Trans-Baikal Rifting Area Т. Komaritsyna / V. Yarmolyuk / А. Vorontsov Pages 305-309
Features of the Composition of Volatile Components in Diamonds from Placers of the Northeastern Siberian Platform (According to Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) A. Tomilenko / T. Bul’bak / A. Logvinova / V. Sonin / N. Sobolev Pages 310-314
Relationship of Long-Period Earth’s Free Oscillations with Atmospheric Processes G. Shved / S. Ermolenko / A. Kukushkina / G. Golitsyn Pages 315-319
The Law of Aftershock Frequency P. Shebalin / B. Dzeboev / S. Baranov Pages 320-323
Study on the Distribution of Suspended Solids in the Sea of Azov According to Aqua MODIS and Simulation Results G. Matishov / T. Shul’ga / S. Khartiev / A. Ioshpa Pages 324-328
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
A New Recombinant Strain of Yarrowia lipolytica Producing Encapsulated Phytase from Obesumbacterium proteus E. Isakova / A. Nikolaev / Yu. Deryabina / E. Epova / Yu. Biryukova / E. Trubnikova / N. Gessler / E. Serdyuk Pages 329-332
Early Deсline in Rat Soleus Passive Tension with Hindlimb Unloading: Inactivation of Cross-bridges or Activation of Calpains? Irina Petrova / B. Shenkman / I. Kozlovskaya / A. Tsaturyan / T. Mirzoev / S. Tyganov Pages 333-335
General biology
Comparative Analysis of the Concentration of Ions (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cl‒) in the Blood of Brown Trout Salmo Trutta from Different Rivers E. Pavlov / D. Pavlov Pages 336-339
Papillomatous Skin Netting of Cetaceans (Cetacea: Delphinapterus Leucas, Balaena Mysticetus, Eschrichtius Robustus) and Sirens (Sirenia: Trichechus Manatus, Dugong Dugon) O. Chernova / A. Kiladze / O. Shpak Pages 340-345

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