Issue 10

  • Issue number: 10

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Dynamics of Foreign Exchange Reserves Accumulation and Macroeconomic Stability: The Ghanaian Perspective Dennis Osei Pages 61-65
Islamism vs Islamic Tradition: about the Problems of Construction of the Russian Model of Islam Alikber Alikberov Pages 2-7
X BRICS Summit: a New Era of South African Foreign Policy? Alexandra Arkhangelskaya / Roman Savinov Pages 8-11
Information and Communication Technologies in India: History and Factors of Success Olga Ustyuzhantseva Pages 12-18
Middle East Economic Development. Basic Tendencies Dmitry Maryasis Pages 19-25
The Constitutional Statuses of Hong Kong and Macao After Joining the PRC Oksana Novakova / Galiya Balgabaeva Pages 26-31
Family as a Factor of Schoolchildren’s High Educational Achievements in Asian Countries Larisa Danilova Pages 32-39
Mining Companies of South Africa: Features of Development Margarita Obraztsova Pages 40-44
Russia and Russians in the Eyes of Contemporary Mongols Vladislav I. Terentyev Pages 45-50
The Fate of Cabinda Olga Dzhenchakova Pages 51-54
Islands of Misfortune: Chars in Boundary Rivers Shared by India and Bangladesh Svyatoslav A. Podoplelov Pages 55-60
Intervention of «Great Powers» in Internal Affairs of Sovereign States of Africa Vasily Filippov / Kirill Dolgov Pages 66-67
Ethnocultural Traditions of Urianghais of Mongolia: Present-Day Situation (Fieldwork Account) Antonina Dongak / Oyumaa Saaya / Bayarsaikhan Badarch Pages 68-74
The Cultural Centers of Harbin in the Russian Prose of the XX Century Elena Ikonnikova Pages 75-79

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