Issue 7

  • Volume: 58
  • Issue number: 7

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Integro-Differential Polynomial and Trigonometrical Splines and Quadrature Formulas I. Burova / O. Rodnikova / T. Evdokimova Pages 1059-1072
The Bauer-Type Factorization of Matrix Polynomials Revisited and Extended A. Malyshev / M. Sadkane Pages 1073-1083
A New Proof of the Kuhn–Tucker and Farkas Theorems Yu. Evtushenko / A. Tret’yakov Pages 1084-1088
Method for Constructing Optimal Dark Coverings G. Kamenev Pages 1089-1097
Affine Controlled Systems and t-Systems of Pfaffian Equations V. Elkin Pages 1098-1107
Development and Application of the Fourier Method for the Numerical Solution of Ito Stochastic Differential Equations D. Kuznetsov Pages 1108-1120
Dynamic Reconstruction of Disturbances in a Quasilinear Stochastic Differential Equation V. Rozenberg Pages 1121-1131
Modification of the Splitting Method as Applied to a System of Kinetic Equations Describing the Behavior of a Rarefied Plasma Jet M. Abgaryan / A. Bishaev Pages 1132-1146
Nonisothermal Flow of Polymer Fluid between Two Coaxial Cylinders A. Blokhin / B. Semisalov / E. Kruglova Pages 1147-1163
Reflection of a Rarefaction Wave from the Center of Symmetry: Theoretical Analysis of the Flow Features and Calculation by the Method of Characteristics Kh. Valiyev / A. Kraiko Pages 1164-1177
Solution of a Boundary Value Problem for Velocity-Linearized Navier–Stokes Equations in the Case of a Heated Spherical Solid Particle Settling in Fluid N. Malai / E. Shchukin / A. Glushak Pages 1178-1188
On the Dispersion Curves of Anisotropic Waveguides A. Delitsyn Pages 1189-1196
Asymptotics of the Deflection of a Cruciform Junction of Two Narrow Kirchhoff Plates S. Nazarov Pages 1197-1218
Dynamics and Stability of Air Bubbles in a Porous Medium V. Shargatov Pages 1219-1234
On the Number of Roots of Boolean Polynomials Vladimir Leontiev / Eduard Gordeev Pages 1235-1244

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