Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4
  • Issue theme: Research and development

The Russian Research Institution of the Horticultural Crop Selection is the oldest pomologic institution in Russia and the former Soviet Union that carries out and coordinates the work on the formation and preservation of the gene pool of fruit and berry crops.

The Institute ensures the preservation and replenishment of the largest in the Russian Federation collection of donors and sources of economically valuable fruit and berry crops traits, which has no analogues in the world. Fundamental, exploratory and applied complex research in the field of selection and sorting of fruit, berry and ornamental plants, molecular genetics, cytology, physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and agrochemistry, plant protection, storage and processing of horticultural products is carried out on the basis of a unique genetic collection of the field.

The Institutes achievements are the result of many years of creative search and painstaking work of the entire team, primarily leading plant breeders and variety experts.

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Crop production and selection
New stone fruit varieties of VNIISPK selection I. Efremov / A. Gulyaeva Pages 4-6
The cherry’s generative organs resistance to spring frost A. Gulyaeva / Z. Ozhereleva Pages 7-9
The sources of black currant and red currant biologically active substances for the selection of the berries chemical composition improving M. Makarkina / T. Yanchuk Pages 10-13
Resistance of the red currant seedlings to redhead aphid O. Golyaeva / O. Kalinina Pages 14-16
The integrated pear donors with monogenic determined stunt E. Dolmatov / T. Khrykina Pages 17-18
Prospects of using new varieties of apple as a raw material for juice production N. Levgerova / E. Salina / E. Sedov Pages 19-22
Creation of the induced apple-three tetraploids N. Gorbacheva / O. Matsneva / L. Tashmatova Pages 23-24
Characterization of microsporogenesis in the tetraploid form which initial for apple tree selection N. Gorbacheva Pages 25-26
Biological productivity and actual yield of non-native varieties of strawberry M. Zubkova Pages 27-30
Components of blackberry production technology / L. Gryuner / S. Knyazev Pages 31-34
The gene pool of spring wheat from the VIR collection of plant genetic resources for use in breeding Yu. Afanaseva / I. Kulikov / L. Medvedeva / S. Temirbekova / E. Zuev Pages 35-37
Features of the winter white cabage varietes generative development R. Kazakhmedov / M. Magomedova Pages 38-40
Agro Soil Science
About realization of the agriciltural biologization programe in Belgorod region S. Lukin Pages 41-43
Influence of soil management method during stubblе period on corn productivity G. Gasanov / М. Musaev / I. Tamazaev Pages 44-46
Corn yield dependence on the basic tillage V. Pavlenko / V. Pavlenko / D. Yushkin Pages 47-48
Feed production
Ensiling flattened soybean with corn tops for feed provision with digestive proteins V. Shevchenko / D. Dorodnykh / N. Popova Pages 49-51
Crop protection
Modern preparations for cereal crops protection against corn flies M. Shorokhov / V. Khilevskiy / A. Martynushkin / L. Burkova Pages 52-54
Efficiency of the herbicides application after grain maize seedlings L. Rozkova / Vladimir Venevtcev / M. Zakharova Pages 55-58
Reproductive characteristics of brown-breeded cows, depending on genotype and milk productivity A. Gerasimova / D. Koltsov / E. Prischshep / O. Tatueva / V. Tsys Pages 59-61
Preding of the selection effect on adaptive traits in small holstein breed animal population V. Kuznetsov Pages 62-64
Efficiency of the forest reclamation in erozion hazard agrolanpscapes Manaenkov A. / E. Korneyeva Pages 65-68
Mechanization and energetics
The use of aerodynamic properties of seeds to operate a universal system of seeding pneumatic unit vacuum action B. Akhalaya / Yu. Shogenov / L. Adamia / A. Shogenov Pages 69-71

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