Issue 1

  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Aspectual formation of Russian verb: prefixation and/or suffixation? Elena V. Gorbova Pages 7-38
Syntax of ‘The tale of Igor’s campaign’ compared with its poetic interpretations Natal’ya V. Patroeva Pages 39-78
On the decline of simple preterit in Middle Low German Elisaveta A. Vlasova Pages 79-86
On semantic calquing and ‘secondary borrowing’ in Russian at the turn of the 21st century Andrei A. Gorbov Pages 87-101
Psychological insubstantiality of syntactic traces Anna К. Laurinavichyute / Olga V. Dragoy / Maria V. Ivanova / Svetlana V. Kuptsova / Anastasia S. Ulicheva Pages 102-110
A. A. Shakhmatov, V. Jagić, and «Archiv für slavische Philologie» Oleg V. Lukin Pages 111-117
Between Africanistics and cosmoglottics: on the concept of universal language as conceived by Nikolai Vladimirovich Yushmanov Aleksandr D. Duličenko Pages 118-132
I. Mel’čuk, J. Milićević. Introduction à la linguistique. Paris: Hermann, 2014 Alexander Piperski Pages 133-136
J. N. Adams. Social variation and the Latin language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013 Dmitri V. Sitchinava Pages 136-140
J. L. G. Alonso (ed.). Continental Celtic word formation. The onomastic data. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2014 Tatyana A. Mikhailova Pages 141-148
Academic life
An overview of projects in linguistics supported by Russian foundation for the humanities in 2014 Ekaterina R. Dobrushina Pages 149-155
VI International conference on cognitive science Mariya D. Vasil’eva / Roza M. Vlasova / Yuliya V. Nikolaeva / Yuliya D. Potaninа Pages 155-160

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