Issue 3

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  • Volume: 42
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
From the History of Science
Thermodynamics of James Watt – Ignored or not Understood? Jovan Mitrovic / Alexandra Smyk Pages 397-442
Social History of Science
A Transatlantic Dialogue of the Tostoy Family Descendants, Participants in “The Golden Book of the Russian Emigration” Project Tatiana Uliankina Pages 443-465
Lessons from History
The Transistor Revolution of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century against the Background of the Cold War Vasily Borisov Pages 466-479
Historical Reviews
German-Russian Company for Air Transport Deruluft (In Commemoration of Its Centennial) Laskovaya Sobolev Pages 480-500
Materials for the Biographies of Scientists and Engineers
The Contribution of Academician Yu. A. Shimansky to the Development of Arctic Shipbuilding Kirill Sazonov Pages 501-521
Russian Diplomat and Entomologist Robert Romanovich (Carl Robert) Osten-Sacken and His Role in the Studies of North American Insects Emilia Nartshuk Pages 522-532
Sources for the History of Science and Technology
Devices of Soviet Propaganda of Science and Technology as Exemplified by the Plan of Media Coverage of the Salyut Orbital Station Flight Vladimir Komissarov Pages 533-543
Brief Communications
The Making and Development of E. N. Mirzoyan’s Evolutionary Concept (In Commemoration of the 90 th Anniversary of His Birth) Marianna Kozlova Pages 544-553
Calendar of Jubilee Dates
Calendar of Jubilee Dates Marina Shleeva Pages 554-557
Essay Review
What Scientists Want to Do and Can Do in a Situation of Socio- Economic and Politico-Ideological Crisis: Russian Science in the Years of Crisis of 1917–1922 Alexander Rodny Pages 558-564
Book Reviews
Baum E. A., Bogatova T. V. (eds.) The Public Status of Russian Chemistry. The Russian Chemical Society: The History and Tradition (Moscow, 2020), ISBN 978-5-8037-0769-1 Maria Klavdieva Pages 565-575
Books in Brief
Books in Brief Marina Shleeva Pages 576-578
Academic Life
XIII th International Science-to-Practice Conference “History of Science and Technology. Musem Studies.” Thirteenth Year of Convening: Unity in Diversity Anna Kotomina Pages 579-586
Memoirs of a Contemporary as a Subject of Reflection. 39 th Session of the All-Russia Seminar “Russian Thought and Politics” (Dedicated to the Memory of E. I. Kolchinsky) Andrey Ermolaev Pages 587-591
Events in Brief
Events in Brief Editorial Office of the Voprosy Istorii Estestvoznaniia i Tekhniki journal Pages 592-594
In Memoriam
Aleksandr Mikhailovich Smolegovsky (1.V.1939 – 30.IX.2020) Editorial Office of the Voprosy Istorii Estestvoznaniia i Tekhniki journal Pages 595-599

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