Issue 3

  • Volume: 39
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
From the History of Science
The development of the Soviet school of the history of Arabic mathematical science: From the 1940s through the 1960s Irina Lyuter Pages 421-444
Studies of the Earth’s horizon and halo from on board the Voskhod-1 spacecraft Dmitrii Shcherbinin Pages 445-453
Social History of Science
The socialization of natural scientists in Russia in the 18th and first half of the 19th century: The formation of cognitiveinstitutional structures of biological and biomedical sciences Alexander Rodny / Olga Elina Pages 454-481
From the History of Technology
Electric air roads: The projects of air-and-ground transportation systems Ilya Morozov Pages 482-493
Lessons from History
The role of the first artificial Earth satellite in improving scientific information services in the USA Albina Krymskaya Pages 494-509
The history of flammable and combustible liquids classifications in the USA Sergey Alexeev / Vitaly Smirnov / Nikolai Barbin Pages 510-522
Batumi oil pipeline: A discussion between two imperial societies about the fate of the project (1888–1892) Maria Kulikova Pages 523-532
L. S. Stern on women scientists in the USSR: Unpublished materials from the archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences Olga Laskovaya Pages 533-547
Academician Otto Lyudvigovich Struve’s letters to Alexei Petrovich Struve (from the archive of N. A. Struve) Olga Skvortsova Pages 548-555
Essay Review
Fifty years after: musings over the books published on the 130th anniversary of N. I. Vavilov’s birth and on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the August VASKhNIL session Eduard Kolchinskii Pages 559-591
Book Review
Ivanov, A. E. Scientific Dignity in the Russian Empire. 18th to Early 20th Century. Training and Qualifying Professors and Higher School Teachers. (Moscow, 2016), ISBN 978-5-94881-334-9 Sergey Demidov Pages 592-600
Aksenov, G .P. Cosminta: Biospheres in Space (Moscow, 2018), ISBN 978- 5-9710-4708-7 Konstantin Ivanov Pages 601-606
Valkova, O. A. (ed.) Russian Women Scientists: Heritage: Based on the Materials of The International Scientific Conference “The Centenary of the Great Russian Revolution: Women’s Faces of Russian Science – Heritage”: November 7–8, 2017, Moscow, IHST RAS (Moscow, 2017), ISBN 978-5-8037-0713-4 Ekaterina Minina Pages 607-610
Academic Life
K. E. Tsiolkovsky. Problems and future of Russian science and technology: 52nd K. E. Tsiolkovsky Scientific Readings Vasilii Rybnikov Pages 614-619
38th International Annual Scientific Conference of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Ivanov Pages 620-625

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