Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Russia and Poland in the Face of Common Challenges
Role of State in Economy: from the time of Adam Smith to the digital revolution Elzbieta Mączyńska Pages 5-17
Cultural System and Development Jerry Kleer Pages 18-30
Society and Reforms
The role of spatial policy in acceleration of economic growth Anna Romashina / Pavel Chistyakov / Mikhail Dmitriev Pages 31-47
Exceptions and rules: success stories and bad governance in Russia (part 1) Vladimir Gel'man Pages 48-60
Civic Society and Rule-of-Law State
Experts and expertise in Russia: from “objective device” to active citizen Alexander Sungurov Pages 61-72
Russian Political Process
The struggle of Putin and Navalny for a media agenda Anastasia Kazun / Ksenia Semykina Pages 73-86
Historical Science: Transformations at the Turn of the Century
Transformation of historical theories at the decline of the USSR and in post-Soviet Russia Igor Ionov Pages 87-101
Russian Civilization
The cult of revolutionary martyrs and the cult of V.I. Lenin Larisa Andreeva Pages 102-114
Science and Education: Problems and Perspectives
Education in the Future Alexander O. Karpov Pages 115-124
Spirit of University Andrei Teslia Pages 125-129
Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum as a Platform for a Dialogue and for Development of Cooperation: Experience of the Republic of Karelia Svetlana Kondrateva Pages 142-154
The phenomenon of ‘closedness’ in the citation networks of regional scientific events: scientific schools, invisible college, scientific cliques Nadezhda Radina Pages 130-142
Structuralist revolution and transformation of economics: from science to fairy tale Petr Orekhovsky / Olga Koshovets Pages 143-157
Social Theory: Postmodern Turn – and Modernist Turn Out Aleksandr Pavlov Pages 158-170
Traditional culture in a polycentric world. Article 1. Traditional culture and modernity: possibilities and conditions of dialogue Olga Shemyakina Pages 171-179
Between Pushkin and Dostoevsky: poem "The Gipsies" and comments on it Alexis Davydov Pages 180-192

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