Spirit of University

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Affiliation: Institute for Humanities, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Journal nameObshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost
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This paper takes a short review of historical and actual significance classical Friedrich Schleiermacher’s work “Unintentional Thoughts about Spirit of German Universities. Value of this small text of Schleiermacher, written in 1808, is due with the fact that explicitly presents the complete program of university transformation, which became one of the ideological sources of the formation of the German research university (“Humboldt”). Particular interest today is problem of “integrity of the university”: according to Schleiermacher variety of special knowledge is linked into unity philosophy, otherwise the university loses its meaning, turning to cluster of faculties. The university in Schleiermacher’s interpretation is at the same time turned to pragmatic (“information”) and self-valuable (“knowledge”) and reveals the non-pragmatism in the long term, which always operating already available “common sense” and, therefore, in its self-sufficiency quickly losing the “modernity”.

KeywordsJena Romantics, research university, classical university, university reforms, philosophy of education, philosophy of romanticism
Publication date14.10.2018
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