Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Systematic Corruption Requires Systematic Approaches In Combatting It Vadim Kleiner Pages 5-21
Fifty shades lighter: how raiding in Russia changed from 2011 to 2015? Anton Kazun / M Titova Pages 22-36
Criminalization and decriminalization of acts: finding the best balance Oksana Kapinus Pages 37-46
Liberal and bureaucratic mentalities as factors of 80s'–90s' time transformations, the dynamic and contemporary echo of them Aleksandr Obolonsky Pages 47-57
The formation and history of the "New Russia" through the prism of contemporary social contradictions Leontiy Byzov Pages 58-75
Socio-psychological capital of the person and acculturation expectations (the example of Russian Moscovites) Sergey Chuvashov / Dmitrii Dubrov / Zarina Lepshokova / Alexander Tatarko Pages 76-88
Fertility in Russia and Estonia: differences among russians in Russia and in Estonia and native estonians Elena Churilova / Allan Puur / Leen Rahnu / Luule Sakkeus / Sergei Zakharov Pages 89-114
Admission of pain in an older age Dmitriy Rogozin Pages 115-128
Integral-institutional paradigm and the Russian way: overcoming the defects of the concepts of "Power–Property" and "X-Y matrices" Olga Bessonova Pages 129-144
Failed Revolution? An Interpretation of the Events of May–June 1968 in France Anton Verevkin Pages 145-159
The 21st Century and the “Outdated Philosophy” (On the Jubilee Report to the Club of Rome) Akop Nazaretyan Pages 160-177
Structural uncertainty and institutions Andrey Shastitko Pages 178-191

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