Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Socio-ecological challenges to Russian megalopolises Oleg N. Yanitsky Pages 5-16
Archaic paternalism as an organic part of the “power-property” system Natalia Pliskevich Pages 17-32
Socio-political crises and revolutions: the theoretical analysis Nikolai S. Rozov Pages 33-42
Yuli Martov. Politics and morality in a Revolution Grigoriy G. Vodolazov Pages 43-58
Post-Soviet Statehood and Society Part 3. The Strengthening of Statehood as Social Contract Between Society and Authorities Sergey Korotaev / Ovsey I. Shkaratan Pages 59-74
In search of ideologies or in their trap? (Reflections on a new book) Ludmila Saburova Pages 75-81
Nation and democracy Article 2. The Illusion of a Post-national World and the Crisis in Western Democracies Emil Pain / Sergey Fedyunin Pages 82-99
On friendship, or On the nation (Bernard Yack on nationalism and moral psychology) Andrei Teslia Pages 100-107
Austrian School Methodology: A Forgotten Perspective? Aleksandr Kavaliou Pages 108-118
The concept of accelerated capital accumulation and its applications Eugene Balatsky Pages 119-133
Blockchain and Social Networks of the New Generation: Utopia, Revolution, Social Challenge Svetlana Chernozub Pages 134-142
About the limits of the process of globalization (to propounding of a problem). Article 2. Interrelations of the universal and local dimensions of history in the globalizing world Yakov Shemyakin Pages 143-157
Human sciences as a vocation and a profession Ilya Dementev Pages 158-176

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