In search of ideologies or in their trap? (Reflections on a new book)

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Affiliation: Udmurt department of the Institute of Philosophy and Law Urals department RAS
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Journal nameObshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost
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The article is dedicated to the analysis of the book “Russia in search of an ideology”. It describes the general logic and main ideas of the book. The author emphasizes the key issues raised in monography, and disputable issues, which request further studies and discussions. The contemplation is focused on the evolution of ideologies in a political project of Modern and in its frames the search of moral and institutional consensus and modern Russia's place in this process.

KeywordsModern ideologies, re-ideologization, value regulators, consensus, globalization, political risks and opportunities
Publication date29.01.2018
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1. Rossiya v poiskakh ideologii: transformatsiya tsennostnykh regulyatorov sovremennykh obshchestv (2016) [Russia in search of an ideology: transformation of value regulation of contemporary societies]. Ed. by Martyanov V.S., Fishman L.G. Moscow: Politicheskaya entsiklopediya.

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