Issue 5

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Expectations and reality of optimization of business processes in the Russian public administration: “quick wins” or “the protracted uphill struggle”? Mikhail Dmitriev / Valeriy Krapil’ Pages 5-17
Perception of Fairness and Economic Inequality in Comparative Cross-national Context Anna Andreenkova Pages 18-30
Agricultural Policy of Russia Svetlana Y. Barsukova Pages 31-45
Reaction to Counter-Sanctions: “The Price is no Concern…” Andrey Zaostrovtsev Pages 46-60
Barriers to institutional development in Europe: economic productivity, social trust and political capital Andrei Akhremenko / Alexander Petrov / Egor Yureskul Pages 61-82
Legal Political Science or Political Science of Law: the Outline of Research Field Alexander Sungurov / Anna Semikova Pages 83-93
Political science of law as a science (brief remarks) Aleksey Kartsov Pages 94-95
Was Russian Revolution an accident? Sergey A. Nefedov Pages 96-107
The Clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church and the overthrow of the Monarchy: “the Priesthood” vs “Kingdom” Mikhail Babkin Pages 108-119
Russian Informal Institutions and Establishment of Efficient Safeguards for Personal Liberty and Private Property? Sergey Zhavoronkov / Konstantin Yanovskiy Pages 120-133
Islamism and Modernization: discussion notes Irina Starodubrovskaya Pages 134-146
How Societies Make The Initial Institutional Choice? Criticizing the “accident development” concept and introduction to the structural approach Andrey Shcherbak Pages 147-162
The Russian Reformation (Individual in a Non-Personalistic Culture) Alexis Davydov Pages 163-176

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