Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Aggregators Around us: the new Reality and Approaches to Research Andrey Shastitko / Olga Markova Pages 5-15
Aggregators Development: Strategies and Regulatory Framework Ekaterina Loseva / Nataliya Pavlova Pages 16-26
The Impact of Global Value Chains on National Economic Systems and Emerging Challenges for Russian Economic Policy Nataliya Smorodinskaya / Daniel Katukov Pages 27-33
Social Empathy in legal awareness of Russian Judges Georgiy Satarov Pages 34-44
Legal awareness and Professional Behavior of Russian Judges Vladimir Rimskiy Pages 45-59
The Great Powers and Their Neighbors: Relations Strategy (Comparative Analysis of Russia and China) Irina Busygina Pages 60-74
Empires on the border lands of Europe: Russia and Britain in Comparative Perspective (Colonial and border lands Policy) Stanislav Malkin Pages 75-83
Рost-Soviet Authoritarism Yuliy A. Nisnevich / Andrey Ryabov Pages 84-97
Understanding Russian Revolution: Ideology, Institutes and Forms of Social Mobilization in XX-th Century Andrey Medushevsky Pages 98-113
The Role of Bolshevik Revolution in Russian and World History Akop Nazaretyan Pages 114-129
Post-Soviet Statehool and Society. Part 1. Evolution of the Social Contract and the Legitimacy of Authority Sergey Korotaev / Ovsey I. Shkaratan Pages 130-140
Path Dependence of the social Structure of the previous Development: “…the Moderns rage against the Old”? (Reflection to the 25-th anniversary of the new Russia) Yuri Latov Pages 141-152
Organic Modernization versus Informational Archaization Oleg N. Yanitsky Pages 153-164
The Syrian Tragedy: Where Do Its Roots Lie? Aleksey Kiva Pages 165-176

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