P. Kokhno

Doctor of Economics, professor

director of the Fuzzy Systems Institute

Fuzzy Systems Institute


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The methodology of investment in innovative activity of industrial enterprises (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The Chinese-Belarusian "Industrial Park "Great Stone"" as a Special Zone of Economic Growth for Belarus and the Neighbouring Countries (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Models and instrumental methods for corporate management of production companies (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Оn the present-day belarusian-russian integration processes (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Decision-making systems in the development models of national economies (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The current state of and development prospects for belorusian-chinese trade and economic cooperation (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Export of agricultural products of Belarus to China (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
High-tech industry in the context of digital transformation (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Assessing the innovative development of the rocket and space industry (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The problems of managing the vertically integrated companies (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
 (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On the development patterns of the world economy (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On the strategic efficiency of innovative projects (considering the example of the aircraft industry) (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The contribution of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises to infrastructure development (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The state allocations for national programs demand integrated optimization (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Models of the parametric range of competitive products (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
The importance of human capital for the development of arms industry (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On the motivation of the industrial personnel (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Problems of import substitution at enterprises of the military-industrial complex (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
A word about Konstantin Ivanovich Mikulsky, real scientist and friend (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Assessing the need for and the scope of import substitution: a volumetric-structural model (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On Some Methods And Models Of Managing Defence Industry (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
High-Tech Industrial Production In A Competitive Environment (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Forecasting Economic Development On The Basis Of Global And Domestic Experience (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
Automated Control Systems and Their Tasks (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -
On the Technologies of Decentralized Social Networks (Obshchestvo i ekonomika) -